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Outsourcing B2B telemarketing can bring an array of benefits to your business. By outsourcing your B2B telemarketing your business gains access to expert telemarketers, effectively growing your sales pipeline. Despite the benefits of outsourcing, there are many considerations to make beforehand. Here’s how to choose a lead gen agency. 

how to choose a lead gen agencyHow to Choose a Lead Gen Agency: Training

Developing a training plan with your telemarketing partner is essential in building a successful campaign. By implementing training you bring the opportunity for your business to demonstrate the correct tone of voice to adopt and how to effectively communicate your brand values, product value propositions etc. This equips them with an adequate level of knowledge regarding your brand, allowing them to ensure your campaign is a success. At The Lead Generation Company, we host weekly training sessions to ensure our telemarketers’ knowledge remains up-to-date throughout the campaign. 


Experience is important. B2B Telemarketing companies often specialise in a specific industry – The Lead Generation Company concentrate on the B2B industry. Experience ensures telemarketers hold the knowledge and skills needed to communicate with your prospects effectively. This experience ensures your outsourced team has the ability to avoid reading from a script, allowing for natural conversations to develop, ultimately, this leads to stronger lead generation. Our telemarketers have an average of 11 years of B2B sales experience, working in a variety of industries. 

How to Choose a Lead Gen Agency: Data

The correct data can make all the difference to your campaign. Does your telemarketing agency supply data? Does your B2B telemarketing partner offer data cleansing? With experience, your telemarketing agency holds a solid network in a range of industries. By supplying your campaign with data your telemarketing partner can ensure your data is segmented for appropriate audiences, gaining the best results. Cleansing data throughout a campaign is also important to keep prospects warm and eliminate uninterested parties. Our data comes with a 98% accuracy guarantee matching your criteria. We can also use your own data and cleanse it on a daily basis to equip your campaign with the best results.


Integrating multiple marketing communications during your campaign can offer a variety of advantages. With B2B telemarketing, it is helpful to use other forms of communication to increase brand awareness and warm up your prospects before approaching them via telephone. We often utilise email marketing campaigns and develop social media connections as platforms for building relationship foundations with prospects. These steps give the initial phone call a higher success rate. 

Conclusion: How to Choose a Lead Gen Agency

Many considerations are made when choosing the correct telemarketing partner for your business. By researching the company fully you can gain understanding and insights into how they operate and whether they will fit well and acquire the best results for your campaign. A telemarketing agency with an array of experience, who offers adequate training and data will place your business in the right hands. Working with a company that holds the ability to effectively integrate multiple communications into your strategy to gain the best results will prove they are a company with experience. 

The Lead Generation Company

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