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Are you looking for a multi-award winning outbound B2B appointment setting service in the UK? Then look no further, that’s our job!

We specialise in business appointment setting, and are renowned for our expertise in generating B2B leads seamlessly and converting them into appointments with pivotal decision makers.

Our appointment setting services are uniquely tailored, making sure that each appointment is fully qualified and aligns with your criteria. We take pride in being an extension of your B2B sales team. By using it for your lead generation and appointment setting needs, you and your sales team can spend these efforts transforming these opportunities into new business sales and revenue.

What Our Clients Say:

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    A proven approach to outsourcing appointment setting

    We adhere to the BANT Sales Qualification Guide:

    Diary Management: Our outbound appointment setting service includes full diary management & follow-up confirmations.
    We guarantee that the appointment is fully BANT qualified.


    Do they have sufficient budget to buy your product or service? Our appointment setting strategies focus on this key aspect.


    Do they have the authority to make the decision and buy from you? We target individuals who have the decision-making authority, ensuring your appointment setting UK efforts are directed at the right contacts.


    Do they have a need/requirement and what benefits would be derived? Understanding the client’s needs and the benefits they seek is pivotal in our business appointment setting process.


    When can they buy and what is their buying process? Identifying the buying timeline and process is integral to our approach as expert appointment setters.

    Why Choose The Lead Generation Company?

    What is B2B appointment setting?

    Our telemarketers schedule meetings or appointments with prospects, either in person or via video calls. This step is crucial in the sales process as it allows businesses to directly engage with their leads.

    Do you manage the appointment setting from start to finish?

    When we schedule a meeting with a qualified prospect, we arrange it for a time that’s convenient for you. If there’s a need to reschedule due to any reason, we handle all the rearrangements, so you don’t have to worry about it!

    How do you manage appointment scheduling and calendar management?

    We keep records and track the timing and types of appointments booked with the leads we generate. This ensures that your appointments proceed as planned, no matter what.

    How do you handle objections and rejections during the appointment setting process?

    Our dedicated and experienced telemarketers are skilled at addressing objections and rejections from prospects. We prioritise customer satisfaction and always strive to find solutions that benefit both you and them.

    What role does follow-up play in B2B appointment setting?

    It’s a crucial step, and if you’re not already doing so, you’re missing out! Sometimes, prospects forget to call back, reply to an email, or even attend a meeting. We keep track of all these aspects to ensure that when we do follow-up, prospects have the opportunity to witness the the benefits your business can offer.

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