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B2B Telemarketing, telesales, and outbound lead gen service

Our B2B Telemarketing Team

Are you looking for a telemarketing company that you can trust for B2B telesales? Our dedicated in-house B2B telemarketing facility, recognised as one of the leading telemarketing companies in the UK, is driven to achieve pre-qualified sales leads for your business. 

When you choose us, you are opting for a skilled team of full-time outbound B2B telemarketers. Each individual brings at least 11 years of B2B telemarketing experience, making us a top telemarketing company UK choice for business to business telesales.

We are committed to generating high-quality results for you, maximising your Return on Investment. Our team, known for telemarketing for B2B, is active across almost all industries. We are adept at generating qualified sales leads via face-to-face appointments, video meetings, sales calls, and event registrations.

What Our Clients Say:

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    Generating The Perfect Sales Leads for You

    By outsourcing telemarketing to us, a premier telemarketing service, we can represent your brand in a positive and professional manner. We are more than a telesales agency; we are partners in your growth.


    Our tried and tested process of ‘getting up to speed’ on your business will cover the following: an outline of the pitch, objections we’re likely to face, ways to overcome these objections, and open questions we should be asking.

    Lead Qualification Criteria

    We work with your business to identify your idea of an ideal lead. We adhere to the BANT system for qualified leads: Budget, Authority, Need, & Timescales.

    Diary Management

    We provide full diary management, sending prospects diary invites and monitoring diary acceptances. Managing your sales team’s diary & sales appointments is a part of our comprehensive telemarketing services.

    CRM Integration

    Using your own CRM Platform (or our own), we can use HubSpot, Salesforce, or Excel spreadsheets to manage and monitor the campaign effectively.


    We are 100% transparent when it comes to reporting, including full Statistics (number of calls, number of contacts) and Narrative (market feedback, objections, issues, reasons for people saying no).


    Great sales leads start generating new business very quickly. Keep your campaign going with our B2B telemarketing services to ensure you maximise your Return on Investment.



    Our people know their stuff, and we guarantee that our lead generating team has a wealth of experience and dedication. Averaging 11 years in B2B lead generation and with an average age of 35, our full-time, in-house team is our most valuable asset.


    Winning Strategy

    Our services span Outbound Lead Generation, Telemarketing, and Appointment Setting. We tailor strategies to your needs, which ensures a winning combination for generating quality sales leads and appointments.



    With 98% accurate B2B data, we offer the flexibility to cleanse and use your current data, or create customised data sets to meet your criteria. It’s a win-win situation!

    Why Choose The Lead Generation Company?

    What is B2B telemarketing?

    B2B telemarketing is a budget-friendly tactic where outbound calls are made to promote a service or product to a specific ideal customer profile (ICP). The goal? To guide prospects through the sales funnel. We’re here to boost brand recognition, nurture prospects, and vet leads before sending them your way.

    Do you deal with B2B and B2C telemarketing?

    Our services are exclusively designed for clients who want to utilise telemarketing to reach B2B businesses within any sector.

    Why should I outsource my B2B telemarketing?

    B2B telemarketing covers a lot of ground, from research to nurturing and GDPR compliance. Doing it all in-house can be overwhelming. Our expert team handle everything, from data sourcing to setting appointments with high-quality leads. We can save you time to focus on other commitments whilst helping you smash your sales targets!

    How can B2B telemarketing help generate sales?

    Partnering with a reputable B2B lead generation agency sets the stage for success. We specialise in refining your target market, ensuring we focus on businesses that align with your product or service. Plus, we meticulously qualify each lead using the BANT method, maximising their conversion potential.

    What's the difference between inbound and outbound telemarketing?

    Inbound telemarketing handles calls initiated by prospects, focusing on answering questions and providing a positive customer experience. On the other hand, outbound telemarketing involves representatives getting past the gatekeepers, initiating the conversation with decision makers by pitching your product or service, as well as carrying out email follow-ups.

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