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Quality THEN Quantitythat’s the philosophy of our UK lead generation company. We take pride in making sure your brand is represented professionally. As an industry-leading leads generation company, we ensure the highest quality B2B lead generation services. We understand that it’s not just about generating leads; it’s about creating meaningful business connections.

By outsourcing your B2B Lead Generation to us, you’ll be choosing a partner dedicated to generating real interest in your products and services. We don’t just stop at lead generation; our expertise extends to converting that interest into a diverse range of outcomes. From appointment setting leading to video meetings, sales calls and event registrations. As an experienced leads generator, we offer qualified online lead generation services that cater to all kinds of industries.

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    How Does Lead Generation Work?

    B2B Marketing Database

    You are only as good as your data! That’s a mantra The Lead Generation Company lives by. We offer award-winning B2B data with a minimum of 98% accuracy, which ensures your telesales and appointment setting campaigns are built on a solid foundation. We can also cleanse your data, or even provide new data that matches your requirements.

    Identifying The Need

    The whole process begins before our outbound B2B telemarketers even pick up the phone. As a top UK lead generation company, we understand that we need to find where the pain points are for your customers, so we take the time to profile your targeted decision-makers or key influencers. Doing this allows us to identify how your business, product or services can provide solutions.

    Preparing The Pitch

    As a forward-thinking lead generation and telemarketing company, we ditch the scripts to make sure that we provide natural, engaging and professional conversations. Why? Well, because it sounds scripted! Not only that, our telemarketers know their stuff, and we believe that intelligent dialogue is the way forward with each person we connect with.

    Agreeing Criteria

    In advance of the lead generation campaign, we work with you to agree the ‘Lead Qualification Criteria’. This helps ensure that we only generate sales leads & appointments that meet your specific requirements, meaning you’re only paying for exactly what you want – no extra costs.

    Pick Up The Phone

    Our commitment to you as a lead generation company and appointment setters goes way beyond calls. We constantly monitor performance and address any and all issues promptly. We make sure that communication levels are high to keep quality levels high, and we prove this with comprehensive reports to track your campaign’s success.

    Increase Your Sales

    Get in touch with an experienced member of our team to find out how our B2B lead generators can elevate your sales and act as your complete outsourced B2B lead generation partner. Remember that the more B2B sales leads you have, the more sales you’ll get!



    Our people know their stuff, and we guarantee that our lead generating team has a wealth of experience and dedication. Averaging 11 years in B2B lead generation and with an average age of 35, our full-time, in-house team is our most valuable asset.


    Winning Strategy

    Our services span Outbound Lead Generation, Telemarketing, and Appointment Setting. We tailor strategies to your needs, which ensures a winning combination for generating quality sales leads and appointments.



    With 98% accurate B2B data, we offer the flexibility to cleanse and use your current data, or create customised data sets to meet your criteria. It’s a win-win situation!

    Why Choose The Lead Generation Company?

    What is B2B lead generation?

    B2B lead generation is about using different channels to attract prospects and guide them through the sales process. It starts with raising brand awareness to spark interest in how your product or service can solve a business’s challenges.

    How do you generate high-quality leads?

    We follow the BANT method (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timescale) as a guideline. This helps us consistently generate high-quality leads by understanding if a prospect has the means, authority, need, and timing to support your offering.

    How will potential leads be nurtured?

    We recognise that not every prospect is immediately ready to invest, but circumstances may change over time. For those we see as ‘warm’ prospects, we engage in nurturing efforts. For instance, if a prospect is interested but the timing isn’t right, we maintain contact through multiple touchpoints. This ensures we’re remembered when they’re ready to move forward, such as scheduling a meeting.

    How do you optimise your campaign for better results?

    We function as an extension of your business, emphasising close collaboration and constant communication. Regular data reviews help us gauge contact rates and refine our pitch or target market strategy as needed. We prioritise weekly meetings with clients to gather feedback on appointment outcomes. After all, teamwork is key to success.

    How do you measure the success of a B2B lead generation campaign?

    We have weekly catch-ups with clients and provide detailed performance reports. This includes sharing a live dashboard for real-time feedback. The dashboard is customisable based on client requests, such as data breakdowns and warming queue pipeline.

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