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B2B telemarketing is a communication which brings your business a multitude of benefits, however, it often comes with many myths attached. Our blog discusses 3 popular myths about the industry and settles how these are just that – myths. 

telemarketing mythsTelemarketing Myths: Cold Calling

B2B Telemarketing and appointment setting are far from being a cold call. Before calling a prospect, a B2B telemarketer must thoroughly research their company, their needs and desires. This equips them with the knowledge of how their products will help their prospects. This knowledge gives their call a purpose, ensuring no one’s time is wasted. By understanding how their products or services will bring assistance and advantages to their prospects, B2B telemarketers are able to naturally navigate the call to ensure their prospects are aware of everything they need to know, leading to the achievement of qualified appointment setting. 


Many are led to believe that B2B Telemarketing takes place in huge call centres with high staff turnovers – wrong. While this is the case with some B2B Telemarketing, with analysis conducted of the relevant data, you will find there are a large number of reputable B2B Telemarketing companies loaded with experienced staff – much like ours, The Lead Generation Company. We are made of dedicated, motivated, experienced telemarketers, whose aim is to provide you with the best results they can. Telemarketing isn’t for everyone, however, we find, those with a willingness to learn and achieve are those who perform best and that is who we have on our team. B2B telemarketing and lead generation services are about having the right attitude towards the job – a person who wishes to succeed will thrive in a telemarketing atmosphere. 

Telemarketing Myths: It’s All Scripted

Good B2B Telemarketers do not follow a script. The most effective B2B telemarketers use a structured call guide, this is in place to ensure important features and benefits are not lost in the conversation. By having this prompt, telemarketers are able to deliver a pitch which clearly highlights the value proposition of their offering – providing their prospect with all the knowledge they need to make an informed decision, resulting in lead generation. As mentioned, however, this is only a prompt, seldom will you find an experienced B2B telemarketer follow a rigid script for the full duration of a call. Their aim is for a call to be natural and prospect focused.

Telemarketing Myths: Conclusion

B2B telemarketing is alive and well and it works when done effectively. Like any other marketing expert, telemarketers are experienced in their field and utilise their knowledge and skills successfully to bring their prospects the best results. By researching and applying their knowledge, B2B telemarketers are able to establish relationships with their prospects and highlight the key benefits their offering will provide. This allows them to personalise their calls and let each take a natural direction rather than being scripted. B2B telemarketing is a great method for reaching and engaging directly with prospects at a time convenient for them, encouraging lead generation. 

The Lead Generation Company

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