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All Things Data

What is Data? Data is an integral aspect of efficient sales teams. Sales data can help representatives stop chasing bad-fit clients, and potential possibilities can be alerted that sales departments would not otherwise identify. But, particularly for teams that are getting used to such an analytical community, data on its own can be overwhelming.    […]

B2B Telemarketing: Top 3 Myths

B2B telemarketing is a communication which brings your business a multitude of benefits, however, it often comes with many myths attached. Our blog discusses 3 popular myths about the industry and settles how these are just that – myths.  Cold Calling B2B Telemarketing and appointment setting are far from being a cold call. Before calling […]

Assessing Your Business for Recovery

With unprecedented levels of change, business owners must be prepared to expect the unexpected. As markets begin to open and restrictions are eased, the businesses that plan and prepare will have the greatest recovery and growth rate. Accurate data is essential in order to make educated decisions. Follow our blog to learn about how your […]