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Telemarketing Agency: Finding The Right One

What Is Telemarketing? Telemarketing often entails calling customers and potential consumers, but it can also entail sending emails or using the Internet. A telemarketing agency does not include direct mail or face-to-face encounters. Business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing are the two primary types of telemarketing. It’s a popular way to reach out to individuals […]

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead In business, change is constant, at this moment in time however, we are seeing unprecedented levels of change and the challenge of planning for the future may seem pretty daunting. With the right mindset, organisation and determination your business can adapt and overcome current challenges. Through being aware, resilient, pivoting in certain areas […]

5 Tips to Kick-start your 2020

5 Tips to Kick-start your 2020   How has the year started for you and your business? Are you on track, ahead of forecast, or does it feel like things are still to ignite since the turn of the year? Here are The Lead Generation Company’s tips to make sure you smash your B2B sales [...]
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Top Tips To Achieve The Most From Email Marketing

Top Tips To Achieve The Most From Email Marketing As a cost-effective method with a quick turn around, email marketing presents companies with multiple benefits. Email marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to send mass automated emails or personalised emails to prospects. Thus leading 80% of business professionals to agree, when done right, email marketing [...]
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6 Ways to Win the Gatekeeper Over

6 Ways to Win the Gatekeeper Over   If you’ve had any experience with B2B lead generation, you’ll know how it feels when a receptionist, personal or administrative assistant screen your calls and does not allow you to get through to the decision maker – frustrating! We understand this, and our experienced telemarketing team has […]

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4 Pitfalls of Outbound Telemarketing

4 Pitfalls of Outbound Telemarketing Outbound telemarketing has its ups and downs, but you have to be aware of them in order to safeguard your interests and keep your clients. After all, when you decide to implement a B2B telemarketing campaign, the process can get complicated… Here are some of the pitfalls that experienced B2B […]

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Mastering B2B Leads for Inbound Sales

Mastering B2B Leads for Inbound Sales Lead qualification is the process through which businesses can identify prospective customers among leads. In order to streamline the inbound sales department of an organization, it is essential for decision-makers to work on the process of lead qualification. Mastering the lead qualification process for B2B inbound sales is important […]