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Is lead nurturing worth the effort?

Is lead nurturing worth the effort? Is lead nurturing really worth all the effort? In short, yes! In telemarketing lead nurturing should be thought of the power behind what moves people through your sales funnel. These days, people expect to have the time to get to know about your product and company before they commit […]

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How to achieve cut through in telemarketing

How to achieve cut through in telemarketing We all know the score – telemarketing calls are often viewed as intrusive and there’s a common misconception that it is purely a numbers game: make enough calls and you’ll be guaranteed a percentage of leads. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth; quality business to […]

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How to pitch over the phone

How to pitch over the phone The sales pitch… the holy grail of effective B2B telemarketing and lead generation.  Delivering a perfect sales pitch every time is a skill that needs developed and there is no ‘one size fits all, that said there are some tools that you can use to ensure that your sales […]

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How to open your B2B sales call

How to open your B2B sales call Picture the scene – your lead is dashing between meetings and has grabbed a quick five minute respite at their desk to quickly check through emails before the next one starts.  The phone rings and with a sigh they realise it is a business to business telemarketing sales […]

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Top five tips to generate leads on LinkedIn

Social media has proved to be a priceless marketing platform for businesses all over the world. One, in particular, LinkedIn, is entirely dedicated to B2B networking. This is where businesses come to meet other businesses in need of their products and services. It is so effective that it accounts for 50% of all social referral […]

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Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your Telemarketing

A lot of companies use internal staff to manage their telemarketing activities. This might seem like a cost-effective approach, however, B2B telemarketing demands specific skills that are best fulfilled by specialists. Businesses that manage lead generation efforts internally often face a massive drain on financial and human resources. Even worse, inexperienced telemarketers can damage a […]