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Telemarketing Outsourcing: Frequently Asked Questions

Telemarketing also known as “cold-calling” is an effective sales technique in the B2B environment. With the B2B landscape becoming more competitive, implementing as many relevant and available tactics – such as telemarketing outsourcing – will be crucial to achieving success.

We previously wrote a blog on Is cold-calling dead? and *spoiler alert* telemarketing isn’t dead. However, understanding “how” telemarketing is still a highly effective tactic is one thing, but knowing “why” to outsource your B2B efforts is another. 

In today’s blog, we will address the most common questions that surround outsourcing telemarketing to generate leads for your business.

What is B2B telemarketing outsourcing?

Let’s start with the basics. Telemarketing outsourcing simply put, is hiring a professional agency who can enhance your outbound marketing in order to generate leads. From cold-calling, lead nurturing, and appointment setting, these agencies have the specialists and resources to generate leads. 

Why do businesses choose telemarketing outsourcing?

There are a multitude of reasons why businesses decide to outsource their B2B telemarketing. Firstly, there are an abundance of agencies who have the skills, resources, and experience when it comes to generating leads. For example, you won’t have to invest time training sales staff to do the job, instead, you will have a dedicated team working on behalf of you. What this means is you’ll experience increased efficiency whilst saving on costs on lead generation.

Can B2B telemarketing outsourcing be effective for both small and large businesses?

Experienced B2B sales lead generation companies will have a portfolio working with micro-sized to enterprise level companies. The structure remains the same – generating leads – based on the brief supplied by clients. A brief that clearly demonstrates the aims and objectives, target market, and pain points greatly helps B2B telemarketing companies plan and execute a successful telemarketing campaign.

Is B2B telemarketing still relevant in the digital age?

Even more so. With the advances in technology, B2B telemarketing companies are keeping up-to-date with the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition and combat any challenges they may face. It’s still a highly-effective tactic to use as part of your lead generation efforts. With there being significant differences between outbound and inbound marketing, knowing what you want from outbound marketing efforts will determine whether it’s right for you.

However, outbound marketing such as telemarketing can provide what inbound can’t – the personal touch. For example, there is a stark difference between sending a marketing email to a prospect compared to conversing with them over the phone. Additionally, even if the prospect isn’t interested, you have the opportunity to gather vital business intelligence on the “why”.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing B2B telemarketing?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your B2B telemarketing. If your company doesn’t have a strong enough brand presence will result in prospects being sceptical about what you have to offer. By outsourcing, sales reps can conduct multiple touchpoints with prospects, building rapport and brand familiarity. 

Additionally, it can be cost effective for your business. By working with a lead generation agency, you’ll have a team of telemarketers working for you. This saves a significant amount of time and money as you won’t need to hire, train, and pay a full salary for an in-house employee. Furthermore, you’ll have more time to focus on other parts of your business whilst your outbound marketing efforts are taking care off.

Can I customise my B2B telemarketing campaign to suit my specific needs?

With the B2B landscape ever evolving, keeping up-to-date with trends and challenges is paramount. For that reason, working with a B2B lead generation company that is flexible and agile in their approach will make it far easier to suit your specific needs. From tweaking pitches, to personas, these agencies can adjust and adapt their approach to ensure success.

What role does data quality play in the success of a B2B telemarketing campaign?

Having accurate data at your disposal can greatly determine the success of a campaign. Afterall, inaccurate data will result in a lack of calls, which means no leads. With accurate data at your disposal, will increase the likelihood of increased precision when targeting ideal decision makers. Ultimately, this means that you can enhance your profitability as there’ll be less time updating data, and more time calling.

Is it possible to integrate B2B telemarketing with other marketing strategies?

In this day in age, having a multi-channel approach to marketing can be extremely beneficial. One way would be incorporating an email marketing campaign alongside a B2B telemarketing campaign. 

From those who have engaged with the email campaign (opening or clicking an email), sales reps can prioritise these prospects as they can be deemed as “warmer”. Email can provide increased brand awareness, meaning once they receive a call they might be more willing to engage in a conversation – increasing the chances of conversion.

What are the best practices for scripting and call preparation in telemarketing?

Before campaign kick-off, working with a B2B telemarketing company that has a solid onboarding process is key. This would typically entail the client meeting the team first-hand, educating them on everything about their company, such as pain points, objections, and of course, their products and services. This is therefore an opportunity for the sales team to take on-board all that information which can be used to create a “fool-proof” pitch that can be used confidently once the campaign starts.

Is it common to A/B test different approaches within a telemarketing campaign?

At The Lead Generation Company it’s all about test and measure. From pitches to personas we can quickly identify what is resonating and what isn’t. This proactive approach enables us to iron out anything that might pose an obstacle early on in the campaign.

How do I handle lead nurturing and appointments in B2B telemarketing?

To move a prospect down the marketing funnel, lead nurturing and appointment setting require time and effort. But not to worry, we do that for our clients so you don’t have to. For prospects who might not qualify as a lead, we closely monitor and nurture them until they are fully qualified. From sending out tailored follow-up emails and follow-up calls, prospects can be nurtured until they’re ready for a meeting. 


In conclusion, telemarketing outsourcing remains an adaptable and efficient strategy. Businesses continue to seek cost-effective lead generation solutions and personalised engagement with prospects.  Telemarketing outsourcing therefore retains its relevance and proves to be a valuable tool for B2B success.

To find out more about our B2B telemarketing and lead generation services, contact us today at 0330 808 0866 or head to our website to get in touch.

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