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In a digital world, you may find yourself asking – ‘where is there a place for B2B telemarketing?’ or ‘how could adopting B2B telemarketing increase the success of my digital campaign?’ Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are multiple benefits to integrating B2B telemarketing into your marketing strategy, as 90% of marketing professionals agree. A communication that allows you to directly reach your target audience with the ability to personalise every connection – the preference of 72% of prospects – B2B telemarketing has a stronghold in 2020. 


After building connections via social networks, B2B telemarketing appointment setting offers a platform for your brand to establish a real human connection through personalised messaging. This natural conversation entices your prospect, increasing your opportunity for lead generation. This natural, two-way conversation equips you with greater knowledge and insight on a number of market trends, attitudes etc. than any other communication. Gaining this information presents the opportunity to create a strong database of prospective clients. 

Lead nurturing

A digital presence provides growth for your brand awareness, giving prospects greater insight into your business solutions. Digital marketing also allows you to capture insights of your prospects before approaching via telephone, enhancing your preparation, improving the quality of your call. This knowledge will assist your business with lead nurturing, a key benefit of telemarketing. Often prospects do not feel comfortable diving straight into a sale commitment, therefore, by implementing lead nurturing you are able to warm the prospect and improve your chance of qualified lead generation. During lead nurturing you can acquire information about your prospects’ current solution, their aspirations/requirements, their renewal and more. 


Previous preparation via your digital campaign and research will ensure both parties hold the knowledge required for the smooth running of your call – increasing the quality of appointment setting. The direct communication of B2B telemarketing and appointment setting also reduces distractions for your prospects, increasing their focus on your pitch. With limited interruptions, your prospect will be able to make an informed decision and provide you with instant responses. 


Pairing B2B telemarketing with your digital campaign can bring your business an array of advantages over your competitors. By implementing this communication into your strategy you gain the opportunity to build and nurture direct relationships with your target prospects. This direct communication provides yourself and your prospects with instantaneous responses and insights, growing the quality of your lead generation. 

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