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Launching a startup takes bravery, innovation, strategy and determination. However, even with the right knowledge, market demand and resources, some of the best concepts don’t make it. In 2019, The Telegraph found 20% of new businesses don’t see past their first year. Looking at this more positively, 80% do make it. However, the more shocking fact is that only 40% make it to year four. In this blog, we will focus on how startups can gain traction quickly by ensuring they hit the ground running. Growing a sales pipeline takes expertise and market know-how and it also takes a team to do it successfully. One option to instantly hire a team of business development experts is to connect with a B2B telemarketing partner such as The Lead Generation Company. Read our blog to find out how B2B telemarketing could be the ideal solution for your startup business development requirements.


Initial costs for startups can be high, no matter how great the product or service is. Often staff teams are required to be multi-disciplined and wear a variety of ‘hats’ – meaning dedicating time and budget to training without guaranteed results. Through outsourcing your business development workstream in the form of B2B telemarketing to experts like The Lead Generation Company, you reduce the need for time and budget spent on training in the crucial early stages. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to grow your sales pipeline – and don’t worry about brand communications, our extensive experience allows us to represent your brand showcasing your brand values, innovation and USP in a professional and compelling manner. B2B telemarketing also allows your team to dedicate time to their natural areas of expertise whilst our business development consultants focus on prospecting. Working with experienced B2B telemarketers grows your brand awareness, and places your business in front of decision-makers outwith your immediate network, without the need for high expenditure on things like travel, field sales or high-cost traditional marketing. Across our suite of clients, this typically results in strong lead generation and increased sales within short timeframes. A crucial factor for any startup 


Many startups are born from innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spark. This means that the founders’ expertise and the talent in their initial team may not cover sales, business development or lead generation. Establishing your business and growing your network takes time, and when aiming to build the profile of your startup, time is not always on your side. Outsourcing your B2B telemarketing gives your business the opportunity to work with experts who have experience and key connections in your industry and market. This provides you with valuable insights in the crucial early stages and ensures your marketing activity has a higher potential of setting appointments and generating leads in any region you choose to target. Data analysis is also more efficient when your business outsources their B2B telemarketing. As a results-driven team, data is king, and whilst results take top billing through our in-depth reporting there is always the added benefit of insights and campaign learnings. This leads to fresh information to help you navigate and inform your future strategy. This partnership allows your B2B telemarketing partner to cleanse your data effectively, providing your business with better results on an ongoing basis. 


A key benefit of B2B telemarketing is the opportunity of flexibility, again proving beneficial to your budget. Typical projects begin with an initial 3-month agreement and packages are tailored to suit individual needs. In times of uncertainty, this provides an advantage over hiring an in-house sales team or signing up to high-cost, high-risk yearly retainers. The Lead Generation Company work as a partner with all of our clients. This means we operate as an extension of your team, all focussing on the objective of making your business as successful as possible.                          


With limited time and budget, the options for startups can seem limited, however, by opting to outsource your B2B telemarketing you provide your business with the opportunity to grow your sales pipeline swiftly and efficiently. Working with The Lead Generation Company’s experts instantly expands your talent pool and connects your business directly with key decision-makers, strengthening your lead generation opportunities. Commitment to outsourcing may be a new concept for startup founders, therefore, it is vital you ensure you get the best from your partnership – making your campaign a success is our team’s number one priority. A key benefit of B2B telemarketing is that you gain the ability to measure your outsourced telemarketing team’s efforts and success ratio, measuring inputs and results – allowing you to adjust your campaign appropriately. 


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