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A lot of companies use internal staff to manage their telemarketing activities. This might seem like a cost-effective approach, however, B2B telemarketing demands specific skills that are best fulfilled by specialists.

Businesses that manage lead generation efforts internally often face a massive drain on financial and human resources. Even worse, inexperienced telemarketers can damage a brand reputation and its credibility.

Outsourcing telemarketing to specialists provides several benefits including the use of proven techniques that are results-oriented; specialist skills, expert account management, a structured approach and a consistent delivery of your brand values – all of this will serve to positively influence your ROI.  Taking each of these points in turn.

Specialist skills

Business to business telemarketing is not just about starting a conversation. It requires in-depth knowledge only a trained and experienced telemarketer possesses. Creating high-volume and quality calls requires tenacity to deliver quality results.

Not everyone in your company understands the rapport building process. A competent telemarketer knows how to move past the gatekeeper and create a positive influence on the decision maker. Outsourcers have specialized expertise when it comes to outsourced b2b telemarketing services in particular industries. Managers from an outsourced telemarketing company also provide valuable insights and proven tactics gained from years of experience.

Expert Account Management

Telemarketing for lead generation and appointment setting should be measured against a strict set of key performance indicators. Account managers ensure that resource is deployed in the most efficient and effective way as well as report in a timely manner the calls made, talktime, leads, conversion rates, cost per lead (CPL) and decision maker contacted (DMC)

Every telemarketing campaign requires agents with an aptitude for a particular industry. Since no two campaigns are the same, outsourced account managers focus on what is supposed to be conducted differently e.g.

    • Implementing early campaign reviews to capture client feedback
    • Delegating tasks to agents with the right set of skills
  • Identifying data pockets that receive more traction than the rest so that resources may be targeted in areas that give better returns

Structured approach

A systematic approach to telemarketing identifies what works best e.g. times of day and week. Normally, there’s a particular time of the day that gives higher hit rates. Moreover, resources should be prioritised accordingly so they can create the maximum impact.

Outsourcing expert telemarketers ensure efficient data management which is the cornerstone of every successful campaign. Instead of burning through data to make quick wins, experienced agents nurture scheduled callbacks and the pipeline to develop opportunities in the short and long term.

Consistent brand representation

Telemarketing companies provide a structured approach that determines how your brand is represented. Sometimes, members of your staff may not portray your brand in the best way. But an organized framework from an outsourced agent ensures that brand values are represented in the best way to attain the results.

For this matter, you need an outside agent with a thorough belief that guarantees proper positioning of your brand. Outsourced telemarketing offers clear procedures of scheduling follow-ups and escalating questions with a deep understanding of your brand and business.


Through a specialized telemarketing team, it is possible to drive results in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Most importantly, your brand receives quality leads. It would be useless to invest in resources without monitoring the efforts.

After establishing an account team, a telemarketing company ensures that it is fully functional. In addition, they can come up with effective strategies to reduce downtime even when requirements fluctuate. Expert account management sees to it that every campaign has a chance of delivering optimal ROI.

Outsourcing telemarketing certainly has its advantages. A dedicated agency team allows you to evaluate various models and techniques to determine what is right for your business.  For more information on how The Lead Generation Company can assist you with your outbound telemarketing efforts please get in touch.

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