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Top five tips to maximise your ROI through telemarketing

Telemarketing has come a long way from its beginnings in the 70s. Recently the DMA quoted that for every £1 spent on telemarketing £11 is generated.  Today, it is a key tool to generate leads and drive sales, utilised the right way the it is a powerful tool that can be integrated with other marketing tools for maximum impact.

Any improvement in the telemarketing strategy can significantly increase your business’ ROI. Below are 5 top tips to improve ROI through B2B telemarketing.

Use structured conversations, ditch the scripts

Today, call scripts are no longer prerequisites for B2B telemarketing. A successful telemarketing company emphasizes personalized conversations to gain the desirable ROI. By providing a personal touch, structured conversations can tap into the emotional quotient of the audience.

Scripts always sound scripted but structured conversations have higher chances of converting. For a personalized approach, use open questions so your prospects can spell out their pain points. Then you can tailor your pitch accordingly.

Collect clean, detailed and rich data

Accurate and relevant data is critical to business to business marketing. Your data must be as accurate as possible, which means keeping that CRM up to date, handling your administration carefully, using the tools and software available to acquire rich data and creating a culture that recognises the value of data management – in line with regulations such as GDPR.

Most companies will use a specialist lead generation telemarketing company to support their integrated B2B campaigns. At The Lead Generation Company, we are proud to guarantee a 98% accuracy rate for data that we provide to our clients; greatly enhancing their ROI by eliminating waste from their activities and setting them up for success.

Integrate different marketing strategies

A single marketing approach is never enough as we have mentioned in our previous posts. Did you know that email marketing ranks number 1 when it comes to leads volume while telemarketing comes number 3? For lead quality, telemarketing is ranked number 2.

Content marketing, on the other hand, generates leads that are 74% more likely to convert into clients. While your company may use telemarketing as a standalone strategy, it is better off to integrate other marketing channels, not to mention social media and SEO.

Monitor success

An effective lead-tracking system monitors KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and reviews them to ensure that any issue is resolved in good time. The key metrics include DMC, dials, leads generated, follow-ups and connection rate. It is also important for the system to collect information on the reasons some leads have been rejected.

Outsource telemarketing

Telemarketing companies have a track record of delivering the optimal ROI. You can hire one on a contractual basis thereby minimizing overheads involved in employee hiring. The main benefits of outsourced telemarketing include:

    • Working with highly-skilled professionals
    • Your campaign follows a consistent tone of voice that projects your brand as professionally as possible
    • Real-time monitoring, structured reporting and feedback
  • Quality data

The Lead Generation Company

Follow the tips we have mentioned here and you are sure to see your sales soar. To learn more about B2B lead generation support – get in touch.

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