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It may be a widely held belief that emails no longer get opened however, email marketing  data  from MailChimp highlights that 21.8% of all emails are opened – making it a cost effective way to communicate effectively with prospects. When done right email marketing strengthens the relationship with the client and prospects by putting relevant content in front of them in a timely and integrated manner.  

Get the basics right

There is a need to ensure all the emails are personalized and relevant to the recipient. An email that is irrelevant to the requirements will at best not be opened, and at worst disengage the recipient with the brand in question. Ensure that the subject is enticing and encourages opens, have interesting content with a clear call to action, split test different approaches to ascertain which approach works best and finally  send it at the right time – morning emails get more opens than those sent in the evening in the B2B arena.


Now that you have got your recipient to open the email the next stage is to get them to click through.  To do this the content needs to be on point. Content needs to be both engaging and encourage the reader to want to learn more.  Don’t use filler phrases or sentences, clear and concise text with a clear call to action will improve the chances of the desired outcome, in addition to this don’t use jargon – it will decrease your response rates.

Have a reason for sending an email

An email that has no purpose can be more damaging than no email at all. Ensure that there is a clear reason for sending an email prior to hitting that button.  Product launches, webinars, white paper downloads and follow up to sales calls are valid reasons for sending useful and relevant emails.   

Have clean and up to date data

Email marketing can deliver tangible results but only if they are directed to the correct people.  A database that isn’t clean or up to date can be damaging, especially in light of GDPR. Data should be clean and accurate and all unsubscribes should be removed and double checked at each stage. The Lead Generation Company guarantees 98% accuracy ensuring that all your email coms are reaching the key people.

Integrate other marketing efforts

Successful digital marketing is achieved when all outbound activities are seamlessly integrated  When emails are integrated with telemarketing, customers’ responses are improved by 33%. Integrating with other digital marketing techniques such as PPC, Social media and content marketing strategies ensures the clients are engaged all round continually ensuring that the brand is the forefront of their consideration set.  

The Lead Generation Company

Follow the tips we have mentioned here and you are sure to see your sales soar. To learn more about B2B lead generation support – get in touch.

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