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It’s no longer easy to gain buy in from key business contacts through simple transactional marketing,  rather, you have to earn their attention through an effective lead generation strategy that is tailored to suit the specific needs of your target market.

Even as online user profiles and needs change, one constant remains and it is that content is king. Your content has to be accurate, relevant and engaging. The next step is to use that content to convert visitors into leads. Below, is a look at practical lead generation strategies that will help you to achieve this.

The four pillars of an effective lead generation strategy

When you get your content right, you will be able to work the best practices for generating leads as users engage with you because of your content. You will be able to use the strategies to generate up to 50% more traffic than those who don’t use them.

1) Lead capture

Half of those who visit your site will not visit again if you don’t capture some information that you can use to draw them back in. The best information you can get and use to catch their attention again is a working email address. This is the first step of lead generation. However, most people are wary about giving out their personal information online. This is where lead magnets come into play.

2) Lead magnets and landing page conversion tactics

For a lead generation and customer life-cycle to be successful, you need to optimize the process of converting the visitors (email addresses) you get into leads. The challenge is the gap in between the stage where you are generating traffic and the stage of generating leads. Often, you get one time leads who do not give you their email information.

You have to seal this gap to keep the lead generation cycle going. The way to do it is to use lead magnets. These are the compelling reasons you give a visitor in return for their information; white papers, e-books that can be downloaded in return for contact details as well as free webinars are just a few examples of great lead magnets.  You can then use this information to keep engaging them through emails, newsletters, get them to follow you on social media and ultimately convert from lead to customer.

Landing pages are another effective strategy for converting visitors into leads. A landing page is the page a user clicks on when they land on an advertisement or other online marketing element you have put in place. Note that landing pages are separate from your company’s website and are typically created as part of a single marketing campaign.

Landing pages are created to capture leads and to warm up potential customers by getting them interested in looking at your services.  Both of these are important steps in moving a customer down a sales funnel towards becoming a customer.

Landing pages should be kept short and sweet, directing users to specific gated content prompting them to leave their details rather than providing screeds of information.  As the landing page sits on the site itself, it is possible to use remarketing lists for search to effectively follow up prospects who didn’t leave their information but indeed return to the site at a later date.

3) Lead scoring

Lead scoring is included in marketing automation software. It helps you to organize your captured leads in order of priority. The list is organized according to the level of engagement a user has with your marketing content. It helps you narrow down to those who are ready to buy. It can also help you identity what users are looking for or interested in.

Automation adds points when users download an e-book, watch a video, opt-in as subscribers and deducts them when they unsubscribe. You can concentrate on working the most promising leads even as you keep up with lead generation to bring in more leads

4) Get the data right

Unless you have good data all your good work will go to waste.  Keep your data up to date, ensuring compliance with GDPR. As well as ensuring that your data is clean and relevant at The Lead Generation Company we guarantee 98% data accuracy – ensuring that you get the best out of your campaigns.

The Lead Generation Company

Follow the tips we have mentioned here and you are sure to see your sales soar. To learn more about B2B lead generation support – get in touch.

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