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3 Outbound Telemarketing Tips that Work

In order to successfully grow your business, you need experienced telemarketers on board. Outsourcing telemarketing professionals can be the first ste

3 Ways to Nurture Leads Into A Sale!

Leads are an asset for your company, especially if you are outsourcing telemarketing to get them. But although making new leads is worthwhile, those l

3 Ways to Close Successful Sales Calls

When you work in a telemarketing company, especially for B2B lead generation, it may be part of your job to make sales calls. When working in sales, t

6 Ways to Win the Gatekeeper Over

If you’ve had any experience with B2B lead generation, you’ll know how it feels when a receptionist, personal or administrative assistant screen y

4 Ways to Prepare for a Sales Call

There have been surveys where people have asked salespeople what method they use in preparing a sales call. Many have responded with checking the Link

Want Better ROI from Lead Generation? Follow these 3 steps…

When you’re generating leads, you’re essentially getting new business for the company, but leads are of no use without closed ended sales that gen

4 Ways to Ensure that Your Sales Leads Are Qualified

Your product or service is designed while keeping a target audience in mind, and so not everyone is designed to buy it. If you pitch it to the wrong p

3 Actionable Tips to Help Get That Appointment

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks you face as a seller is to connect with new accounts and set the first appointments for meetings with them. But

The 4 P’s of Successful Lead Generation Through Telemarketing Calls

Each of your lead generation and content based activities and interactions should be geared up for results. The majority of the results depend on the
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