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Changes to business have meant alterations to sales styles – for many this has led to a move from field sales to virtual selling using techniques such as telemarketing. B2B telemarketing is a great way to build your sales pipeline, smash your sales targets and get your business back on track. Our blog outlines key tips to assist those new to telemarketing.

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Before your call, it is essential that you research your prospects’ business and plan your script. This will ensure you can effectively communicate the opportunities your offering will provide your prospects. By demonstrating the benefits of your offering you increase your opportunity for qualified lead generation and closing your sale.

It is only natural you will receive a number of rejections throughout your B2B telemarketing career – it is how you handle these rejections that makes you a good telemarketer. Use your rejections as learning experiences – this will improve your skills and ultimately lead to better quality lead generation. Ask questions, this will help you understand why the prospect feels your offering is not right for them. Use this feedback to adapt and evolve your approach where possible. 


Be human. The key to connecting with your prospects is to start a conversation, be relaxed, be comfortable and be natural. Begin your B2B telemarketing call by engaging with your prospect, asking about their day, their plans etc. By showing genuine interest, prospects will feel more relaxed, making it easier to allow the conversation to flow, keeping attitudes positive, consequently, leading to increased appointment setting.  A friendly and relaxed approach will portray you as more approachable, encouraging your prospect to open up and continue the conversation. This will also provide you with greater insights which can later be applied to similar prospect calls.


B2B telemarketing is a numbers game. The more you dial the higher your chances are of receiving a yes. Decision-makers often have busy schedules every day, therefore, it is important to remain focused throughout, ensuring your number of outbound calls remain high. As telemarketing experts at The Lead Generation Company we aim for 100 dials per day, this level of direct communication increases our opportunity to create new connections, set increased appointments and generate new leads for our B2B clients. 


Being a B2B telemarketer involves determination and resilience. Many calls can lead to rejection, however, with the right attitude and approach you can encourage qualified leads. By using remaining relaxed, keeping your dials high and learning from your experiences you are sure to succeed. Researching your prospects’ business before your call will provide you with the knowledge you need for an effective pitch, leading to stronger lead generation. This knowledge will also settle your nerves and increase your confidence on each call, allowing you to approach it calmly, gaining the best results.

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