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When approaching new prospects it’s important to use the right strategy. Developing new business in any context comes with a number of challenges and there are a variety of ways to be approaching new prospects. B2B telemarketing allows your business to directly reach out to your highly targeted audience of decision-makers and enlighten them of the benefits your service can bring to their business. With a recovery in sight, the time to build your sales pipeline is now. Our blog outlines key tips for approaching new prospects effectively.


Prospecting begins before your B2B telemarketing team starts dialling. By reaching out to your prospects on other channels such as LinkedIn you can make a valuable initial connection. This generates awareness and strengthens your opportunities for relationship building when your B2B telemarketing team do make their move. These efforts will provide your business with a clearer understanding of your prospects and their needs, increasing the success of your lead generation. At The Lead Generation Company we offer digital marketing services which allow your business to establish these connections before launching your B2B telemarketing campaign. This generates greater traction for campaigns and the results are enhanced as a result.

Approaching New Prospects: Listen and Understand

Understanding your prospects and your business will assist you in building a greater relationship. For example, if the reason you are reaching out to your prospects is due to the fact you provide a solution to challenges they are experiencing, it’s crucial you gain a solid understanding of these issues before contacting them. Make your offering informed and specific to the individual. By listening to your prospects, asking the right questions and discussing their problems in depth you can establish a clear understanding of how your product or service will be the answer they are looking for.

approaching new prospectsValue before Promotion

By using a multi-channel approach (i.e. Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Telemarketing) you create multiple touchpoints and gain valuable insights into the wants and needs of your prospective new client. Timing is crucial and The Lead Generation Company knows the importance of warming an audience up when it comes to approaching new prospects. Create a conversation ensuring they feel comfortable about sharing their business needs will lead to better results in the longer term. They will be looking for value and more so than ever they will be looking for reassurance and some sort of certainty. By presenting them with the names and case studies of previous clients you will develop trust and proof of track record. Linkedin can help businesses do this in a subtle manner. Thereafter you can begin to move towards the specifics of the options you provide, timings and turnaround and pricing potentially. This will ensure your offering is highly valued, ultimately leading to qualified lead generation.

Conclusion: Approaching New Prospects

Reaching out to prospects allows you to grow your brand awareness among your desired audience and reduces the perception of being a cold call. When a prospect is familiar with your brand they are more likely to engage and accept your offering. By listening and developing a clear understanding of your prospects’ situation you ensure that your offering will present them with key benefits for their business. When making your call it is important to create a conversation, allowing both parties to draw insights and build a connection before moving forward to discussing any potential agreements etc.

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