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With unprecedented levels of change, business owners must be prepared to expect the unexpected. As markets begin to open and restrictions are eased, the businesses that plan and prepare will have the greatest recovery and growth rate. Accurate data is essential in order to make educated decisions. Follow our blog to learn about how your business can aim for recovery.

Over the last few months we’ve had to adapt in every area of our lives, and an ability to adapt will be required again as we transition back to business. In order to ensure your adjustments and adaptations are worthwhile, you must continuously assess internal and external factors.


Some things remain constant and resource planning will always have a huge role to play in the success of your business. There is no doubt that your resources will be affected by current events, however, through continuous candid assessments and an active strategy, your business can utilise all resources efficiently and effectively to achieve the best results. In many ways the resources you require may have changed, some may have become obsolete or temporarily redundant due to restrictions on movement etc. For example, event marketing assets/activities will have been impacted greatly by recent events. 


A well-aligned business strategy will take your business into the future, and 2020 has shown us that your B2B lead generation strategy should be responsive and evolve with an unprecedented context. To guarantee your business’s success you must ensure your strategy is agile, yet goal-focused. This mix will allow your strategy and business to adapt to impacting factors, reducing risk to your business. Recent external factors have led many businesses to assess their strategies and consider new approaches to areas such as Human Resources (Home Working, Recruiting from a distance etc), Marketing (Digital and Telemarketing vs traditional) etc. Encouraged to stay indoors and distance ourselves from each other we have utilised other ways of staying connected. An analysis of your marketing strategy may highlight that streams such as field sales are currently restricted, however by adopting B2B telemarketing into your sales strategy your business can continue to increase their lead generation and grow your sales pipeline, getting your business back on track.


Regardless of context or timing market analysis is a fundamental part of business, however, this is more important than ever due to recent changes in buyer attitudes, behaviours and motivations. When taking your business into recovery it is important to be mindful of how these alterations will affect your business and sales. Through B2B telemarketing and appointment setting, you can continue to encourage lead generation and establish relationships with your desired prospects in real-time, reaching them directly. Assessing market trends, behaviours and attitudes will provide your business with insights to accelerate your recovery and growth rate. 


Having the right resources for the time and a well informed/active strategy are crucial factors in driving your sales and marketing activities for the future. Assess the impact of any significant events on your business and adapt your strategy accordingly. Whilst the fundamental tools you use to run your business will likely remain the same, it’s time to consider adding new agile options into your sales and marketing mix such as video appointment setting, B2B telemarketing and outsourced lead generation.  


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