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Like every new decade, this one has brought change, however, unlike every new decade, 2020 has changed our normal. It’s out with field sales and in with virtual sales – but are they here to stay? Our article explores the advantages and disadvantages of committing to a shift from field sales, to virtual sales and lead generation. 

lead generationLead Generation: Volume

Sales can be conducted in a variety of formats, from digital to virtual to face-to-face, each with their own pros and cons, however, each with the same goal. Ultimately the objective is to grow your audiences’ knowledge and understanding of what you are offering and encourage them to purchase. Many believe field sales is the best way to do this, a face-to-face interaction builds a strong relationship. And for a while, it did, but moving on and adapting to the world’s innovations we have found new ways to sell. 

Previously, many organisations focused on field sales – involving more travel than sales. Now, virtual sales are our reality – reaching wider audiences, utilising time efficiently and continuing to build rapport with prospects. With virtual sales such as B2B video telemarketing, we have the opportunity to communicate our message to a larger market in less time. This allows us to qualify double (or more) sales than we would face-to-face as we have eradicated travel time. 

lead generationLead Generation Budget

As previously mentioned, the need for travel is reduced. Our days of travelling the country to meet potential prospects are over. Jump on a call at times to suit everyone and receive the same quality of business, growing your lead generation. Reducing this cost allows the budget to be allocated to other areas. Re-allocating budget to Marketing or Research and Development or Human Resources provides businesses with the opportunity to implement training and build resources to improve the overall business, improving your B2B sales.


Many believe field sales encourage stronger relationships than virtual sales, however, we find often the opposite can be true. Appointment setting is easier when done virtually. By connecting with your prospects virtually you are connecting with them at a time convenient to their schedule. This reduces the risk of interruption, allowing their attention to be focused on you and your offering. Consequently, prospects are able to ask questions and increase their understanding more due to a lack of distraction. Through virtual sales you are also reaching out to prospects in a setting where they are most comfortable, leading to their attitude becoming more positive and receptive.

Lead Generation: Conclusion

Like many forms of marketing communication, field sales has its place and its benefits, however, in today’s world, we are finding virtual sales are here to stay. New generations are surrounded by technology and many are found to embrace virtual communication more than face-to-face interactions. By adding virtual sales to your marketing strategy you can increase your lead generation whilst reducing budget spend drastically.

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