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3 Ways to Smash your Sales and Marketing Plan

Times have changed and we have all had to adapt in numerous ways. With knowledge, teamwork, positivity and technology we have managed to keep businesses going, continuing to serve our markets. Recent events have taught us to adapt effectively and with positive signs on the horizon, we are beginning to prepare for the upturn. Our blog outlines how your brand can effectively re-think your B2B marketing and sales plan to take your business into a post-lockdown future. 

Market Habits

It is important to keep in mind that these times are not business as usual. Your audience have been forced to adjust many aspects of their buying behaviours. With this knowledge, it’s important to adjust your approach to a market with many familiar customers, in an unfamiliar context. Draw a comparison between your previous B2B marketing and sales campaigns and your future plan to highlight the gaps that now exist. Have you been reliant on trade Conventions, Expos, Conferences or field sales for new business in the past? Adopting B2B telemarketing into your plan allows you to connect with your audience and build relationships from a distance – leading to lead generation. B2B telemarketing is a format which is ideally suited to tackle a number of the challenges we have seen in keep business connected with their markets. 

Analyse Budget

Wide-scale changes in business and society, in general, have led to substantial changes in budgets. Although you may be losing out on annual networking events etc. this is not the end. A budget refocus grants enables you to implement new marketing and sales strategies which will evidently keep your brand connected. Budget previously allocated to events, travel and accommodation can now be reinvested in increasing your B2B marketing and sales budget. By increasing your activity you continue to grow your brand awareness, consequently encouraging effective appointment setting. 

With a shift in buying behaviours, habits and motivations it is imperative that you keep your B2B marketing and sales teams’ knowledge fresh. With the extra budget now available, your brand has the opportunity to enrol your team in online training, enhancing their skills and preparing them to take your brand into the upturn. Greater results, greater knowledge and great prospects for the future. 

Pivot Activities

Now is the time to modify and enhance your B2B sales and marketing approach. At The Lead Generation Company, we know there are many effective ways to network with potential prospects and continue to nurture

current relationships. Video appointment setting allows us to keep in touch with current clients effectively and economically. Where reaching new prospects is challenging, we utilise the knowledge of our experienced team Business Development Coordinators by launching LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns, establishing and growing our brand awareness. Alongside these tools we rely on B2B telemarketing to keep our brand and our clients’ brands alive. This results in stronger lead generation and ensures our team continue to thrive in the appointment setting arena. 


Changing times have led to the evolution of many B2B marketing and sales plans, encouraging us all to alter our methods, techniques and strategies and overall increase our investment in marketing. The opportunity (and obligation) to increase your marketing and sales budget presents your brand with the potential to replace outdated or redundant marketing tools. Utilising resources such as LinkedIn outreach and B2B telemarketing allows you to reach potential prospects and connect with new audiences, all from a distance. B2B telemarketing is the best tool to reach out to prospects and stay connected as we see green shoots of recovery.

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