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3 Top Tips: Virtual B2B Sales Meetings

By now we are all beginning to master working from home and video conferencing on a regular basis. Keeping connected virtually keeps business moving with video sales meetings. Our blog highlights key tips to ensure your meeting remains professional while you work from a personal setting. 


Limiting distractions during your B2B sales appointments is crucial to ensure it runs smoothly. Go online before your scheduled time and test your video. Test for technical issues – poor sound quality, bad lighting etc. We advise dedicating a specific room for hosting these meetings – one with soft furnishings and little surrounding distractions, plain walls, neutral colours etc. This will ensure your participants focus their attention on your call rather than your decor. If possible try to improve your sound quality and lighting, there are some inexpensive pieces of kit that can enhance your delivery. This will increase your B2B sales meeting’s success rate and hopefully lead to improved lead generation.  

Personal Distractions

Keeping your head in the game is vital as communication through expressions and body language are hindered via video calls. To present yourself professionally ensures you demonstrate you are engaged in the meeting. Focus your attention on the camera rather than the screen when speaking. This will portray eye contact with participants and draw them further into your discussions. Using a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile or tablet device will help maintain a professional mindset and encourage you to focus your attention on the meeting alone. Meanwhile, it is important to turn off other notifications to ensure no interruptions occur while others are talking. We are all human, and we never intend to allow ourselves to become distracted. However by eliminating some potential issues early on your approach will lead to greater engagement and improved business development.


Holding the attention of others can prove difficult when you’re in the same room never mind in different buildings or even cities! Due to this, keeping your participants engaged and informed to an extent is vital. Begin by involving them before the B2B lead generation discussions begin, send them an agenda so they are aware of how the meeting will run. This will also give them time to visualise and prepare, leading to better outcomes and successful business development in the end. Make your meetings interactive where possible – allow your clients an opportunity to ask questions, provide ideas and insights, encourage screenshares etc. After your introductions, jump right in business – being conscious of

people’s other time commitments. Use your traditional B2B sales experience to effectively demonstrate to them how your business can help theirs, if you previously operated in field sales or b2b telemarketing then treat video appointments as your new arena. By doing so you will increase your chances of generating more new business.

Be Human

We are all experiencing this new normal together but with that, let’s try to keep the best aspects of the physical world. Use the beginning of your B2B sales meeting to ensure everyone is prepared, comfortable and eager to get discussions going. Taking 5 minutes to show you are conscientious will help settle everyone, encouraging a more fulfilling experience. 


By limiting distractions and encouraging your participants to engage you create the platform for better results to be gathered from your B2B sales meeting. Keep the best parts of your traditional B2B sales methods. If there are techniques and approaches that have served you well over the years, then convert them into the virtual landscape. Our B2B Telemarketing team have seen a huge increase in demand for B2B virtual sales meetings, and a well-rounded approach honed over years in the lead generation scene has helped them transition swiftly and successfully. 

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