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So What Are The Lead Generation Company’s Services?

Lead Generation

By outsourcing your B2B Lead Generation requirements to a sales and marketing agency, we are able to generate valuable business interest in your products and services. We then convert this interest into a healthy range of qualified appointments, leads, WebEx meetings, sales calls and event registrations for you to take forward and convert into new business revenue. Qualified online lead generation services suit almost every industry.

Appointment Setting

We are experts in generating B2B leads and converting them into appointments with key decision-makers. The appointments are fully qualified, matching your specific criteria. We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of your B2B sales team. With us generating the lead and the appointment, you and your sales team can focus on converting these into valuable new business & sales revenue.


Our dedicated in-house B2B telemarketing facility is driven to achieve pre-qualified sales leads for you. You will be working with a skilled team of full-time outbound B2B telemarketers. Each individual has at least 11 years of B2B telemarketing experience. We are committed to generating high-quality results for you, maximising your Return on Investment. Active across almost all industries, we are able to generate qualified sales leads via face to face appointments, WebEx meetings, sales calls and event registrations.

B2B Databases

Data is one of the most important elements of marketing. That’s why at The Lead Generation Company, we have gone to great lengths to source the industry’s best data. We can acquire data, cleanse data or create data according to your specific needs. Matching your exact criteria, the output being a fully up to date and accurate B2B database.


On your behalf, we find the most relevant decision-makers, warming them to becoming qualified sales leads. This then leads to a selection of valuable interactions, from face to face appointments, phone calls, online demos, event registrations etc. LinkedIn Lead Generation is a great way to build your audience with highly relevant prospects.


Hyper Personalisation is the practice of tailoring a program or a product to suit the needs of particular people, often in categories or segments. Personalisation is used by a wide range of companies to enhance customer loyalty, digital sales conversions, campaign results, branding, and website analytics, as well as for ads.

Personalisation is a beneficial investment in improving consumer interactions. Holding this in mind will ensure that you are offering real value to their consumers. Increased revenue is an unforeseen result of this practice.

Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a business marketing technique that focuses resources on a limited number of target customers within a particular industry. Personalised campaigns are developed for these targeted accounts to connect with an account based on the marketing message and the account’s requirements.

Beyond lead generation, Account Based Marketing takes a more systematic approach to marketing. One of the keys to extracting the most value from the biggest customers is marketing to current customer accounts to promote upselling and cross-selling.

B2B Sales Team

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation To A Sales And Marketing Agency

Qualified Leads

The Lead Generation Company are well-versed in the industry. We’ve done a lot of studies on industry dynamics and consumer preferences. When we generate high-quality leads for you, this comes into play. The first benefit is that you can be certain we’re targeting consumers who have shown interest in your product category, and we can push the same product the consumer wants.

Multi-Channel Approach

Lead generation can be accomplished in a variety of ways. TLGC have mastered the skills required for each channel and are well-versed in which channels generate the most leads for which products. In our marketing strategies, we use online and offline connectivity, networking, and outstanding list-building skills. Using several channels at once increases the number of leads you get.

Quicker Sales Cycle

Isn’t it true that the company needs a shorter sales period in order to boost turnover? Outsourcing is the most efficient way to do this. The Lead Generation Company are a team of experts with all of the necessary skills and experience to engage and turn leads at a faster pace than you can. You gain an edge over your rivals because your company is on a steeper growth trajectory due to an influx of new clients almost every day.


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