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What Is A B2B Telemarketing Company?

B2B telemarketing occurs when an agency contacts a company on behalf of a client to market or sell its goods or services to build a relationship. Companies use these calls to express the importance of their product or service, solicit reviews, and determine the next steps in establishing a partnership with future company clients (as opposed to consumers). Telemarketing can be done in-house but it is more effective to outsource to a B2B telemarketing company. Outbound telemarketing, in which a business phones another company to reach prospects to provide solutions to their problems, or inbound telemarketing, in which a company manages incoming calls from contacts as a part of, say, email campaigns. 

Telemarketing has grown to include video conferencing calls as well, thanks to modern technology, though these are typically reserved for current clients. Telemarketing is often used to attempt to advertise a product or service, but it may also be used to conduct surveys or collect information. Political campaigns, for example, rely extensively on telemarketing in the run-up to elections to learn about voters’ tastes. Direct mail and face-to-face meetings are not part of telemarketing.

B2B Telemarketing Company

Benefits Of A B2B Telemarketing Company

Immediate Feedback On Products/Services

When you receive quick feedback on your product or service, you may instantly begin planning how to better your business. Telemarketing is an excellent place to inquire whether there is anything that you can do for your clients. Business intelligence is provided by insight.

Track Your Sales Better

It’s important to keep track of the sales.  You can always keep track of the country, work description, age group, and industry that are most interested in your product/service when you use a B2B telemarketing company. You will then plan the business proposals based on the information gathered from the sales.

Convenience For Customers

You’re taking your goods or service right to them through telemarketing. Instead of waiting for an email response, the clients will be able to ask questions directly and have an instant discussion.

It Can Help You Grow And Expand

You can easily grow your company, build a lot of new possibilities, and find new customers with a B2B telemarketing agency. It’s also a smart way to stay in touch with loyal clients and keep them engaged in new products and services, which may lead to increased sales opportunities. It also provides you with real-time market information.

Saves You Money

Sales and marketing experts and company owners should choose telemarketing over other marketing channels. It is less expensive than most marketing strategies, such as ads in a newspaper or magazine, or on a website.

Our B2B Telemarketing Approach:


Using our tried and tested process of ‘getting up to speed’ on your business covering the following: What is the pitch; What objections might there be; How to overcome these objections; Open questions to ask.

B2B Telemarketing CompanyLead Qualification Criteria

Working with you to identify the correct criteria required for your leads. We adhere to the BANT system for qualified leads: Budget, Authority, Need & Timescales.

Diary Management

Full diary management by sending prospects diary invites and monitoring diary acceptances. Managing your / your sales team’s diary.

CRM Integration

Using your own CRM Platform (or our own) we can use HubSpot, Salesforce or Excel spreadsheets to manage and monitor the campaign effectively.

B2B Telemarketing CompanyReporting

We are 100% transparent across all areas of working with you. Reporting including full Statistics (number of calls, number of contacts) and Narrative (market feedback, objections, issues, reasons for people saying no).


Great sales leads start generating new business very quickly. Keep your campaign going to ensure you maximise your Return on Investment.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a powerful method for generating leads. Although it may not be appropriate for all businesses, it is a tried and tested approach, with the human dialogue serving as a powerful driving force behind a successful sales campaign.

Many companies consider outsourcing their telemarketing to a B2B telemarketing company; this may be a wise decision for a variety of reasons. We are going to discuss the advantages of outsourcing and why it could be a good match for you.


In-house teams and company extension are efficient, but you won’t be able to match the flexibility of an outsourced team that can devote all of its time and resources to your focused calls. From available data to call volumes, the requirements for a telemarketing campaign can change. You will select how many hours and how many sales professionals you need working on your project at any given time with an outsourced team.

Can Hire The Personal You Require

Anyone who can talk effectively over the phone should be able to succeed in telemarketing, right? Certainly not. When you outsource your telemarketing to a professional, you’re getting people who are well-trained and experienced in the art of selling over the phone, as well as people who are inspired and accustomed to working in a results-oriented atmosphere. This saves you time and resources by eliminating the need to recruit, hire, and train new workers. 

Accountability And Definable Outcomes

You won’t have to waste time overseeing a team or tracking campaign results if telemarketing is outsourced. You’ll just be concerned about the parts that really matter when you work with businesses like The Lead Generation Company. We provide regular reports, monitoring, and reviews, as well as a dedicated account manager to assist you.


Outsourcing your telemarketing will be a lot less expensive than extending your company and hiring additional employees in-house. You don’t need to spend on administrative personnel, software, or technology in addition to avoiding additional employee expenses for the sales team. A telemarketing expert would have all of the necessary equipment, hardware, and monitoring resources. And don’t forget about point one: more employees equals more hours taken up.


Any company, regardless of scale, requires more time. When you outsource telemarketing to a B2B telemarketing company, you save a significant amount of time and physical resources that could be best used on other aspects of your business. Think of what else you could be doing with your time if you were a small business owner making your own cold sales calls; you could be working on the business, serving buyers, or focusing on up-selling or cross-selling to existing customers. If you work in sales or sales management, you’d be much better off putting yourself in front of more talented prospects.

Data To Enhance Telemarketing Method

Data is one of the most important elements of marketing and is pivotal to the success of B2B telemarketing as for it to be effective the prospects you are contacting must be accurate. That’s why at The Lead Generation Company, we have gone to great lengths to source the industry’s best data. We can acquire data, cleanse data or create data according to your specific needs. Matching your exact criteria, the output being a fully up to date and accurate B2B database.

Right Data = Right Results

Your guarantee from our data:

  • Guaranteed – 98% accuracy guarantee
  • Verified Calls – 50,000+ verification calls are made monthly to refresh the data
  • Decision Makers – Named senior decision-makers across all business functions
  • TPS Verified – TPS (Telephone Preference Service) Verified
  • Low Bounce Backs – 95% email deliverability on email data
  • GDPR Compliant GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant

Tailored, segmented data

It’s important your data provides the right information to deliver a successful campaign. Our data includes:

  • Decision Makers – Named Senior Decision Maker(s)
  • Phone Numbers – Telephone & Employee Mobile Numbers
  • Contact Details – Email Address and Postal Address
  • Employee Position – Job Title(s)
  • SIC Codes – SIC Codes (industry / market sector description)
  • Company Details – Turnover & Employee Bandings


Our B2B Telemarketing Team

Are you looking for a telemarketing team that you can trust? Our dedicated in-house B2B telemarketing facility is driven to achieve pre-qualified sales leads for you.

You will be working with a skilled team of full-time outbound B2B telemarketers. Each individual has at least 11 years of B2B telemarketing experience. We are committed to generating high-quality results for you, maximising your Return on Investment. Active across almost all industries, we are able to generate qualified sales leads via face to face appointments, WebEx meetings, sales calls and event registrations.

By outsourcing telemarketing to us we represent your brand in a positive and professional manner.

Next Steps…

For many businesses, telemarketing is a useful tool that can significantly increase the number of leads generated for the company. Although telemarketing can be done in-house, it is much more effective to outsource your telemarketing to a B2B telemarketing company for the simple reason they are experts in that field and have the resources to succeed. The Lead Generation Company are industry leaders in the B2B sales sector and have the best resources and data available to give your campaign the best chance of succeeding., At TLGC, we also have other services which will run hand and hand with your telemarketing campaign such as:

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • LinkedIn Services
  • Email Campaigns
  • Hyper Personalisation
  • Account-Based Marketing


If B2B telemarketing or any of the services listed above are something you feel would be of benefit to your business or you just simply want to find out more then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!