Account Based Marketing

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    Account Based Marketing

    “Quality over quantity”  

    Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a business marketing strategy that concentrates resources on a set of target accounts within a sector. With these targeted accounts, personalised campaigns are created to engage with each account based on your marketing message and the needs of the account.

    86% of marketers report improved win rates with ABM 

    Benefits of Account Based Marketing:

    • • Personalised marketing approach 
    • • Sales and marketing alignment 
    • • Shorter sales cycle 
    • • Clearer ROI 
    • • Fewer wasted resources
    • • Builds customer relationships

    For you, we can identify and reach high-value customers with the most effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) expertise and tactics. We can start your sales process by selling directly to your best match, high-value accounts. 

    By implementing ABM your company would see a greater ROI and an increase in customer loyalty.

    TLGC Account Based Marketing Cycle

    With Account-Based Marketing, it’s more streamlined than a sales cycle. Focusing our efforts on specific high-value target accounts can save time and resources which means we can spend more time on the stages that positively impact your bottom line.

    ABM ensures your target accounts are ideal for your business so you can quickly dive into building relationships.

    Identify Target Accounts


    Present personalised campaigns to the target accounts.

    Present >

    Close the target account and convert into a new customer.

    Close >

    Delight your target account.

    Delight >

    Expand your business today with
    Account Based Marketing

    We can work on behalf of your business by taking the time to build trusting relationships with these high-value accounts which will, in turn,
    expand your company and positively impact your bottom line. 

    Additionally, as we will personalise each communication with your high-value prospects this will create loyalty for your business over time and loyal customers.
    Having loyal customers is your best asset as they will promote you and become brand advocates through referrals, networking and testimonials. 

    Contact us today and we can discuss the best Account-Based Marketing tactics we can provide for YOU. 

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