Hyper Personalisation

Hyper Personalisation

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    Personalised for you <FIRST NAME>

    What could this mean for you, [[First Name]] ?

    We provide an integrated LinkedIn and Email Campaign service using a fully tailored approach to help [[Company Name]] achieve their sales goal.

    [[First Name]], by using a fully tailored approach we could help you by:

    • • Using LinkedIn to connect with and warm up your prospects, in a friendly conversational manner.
    • • Send hyper personlised messages and images to your target audience.
    • • Once warmed up have a call to action
    • • If not responded then use the email channel to engage further
    • • This can be a new email address for you or an additional email address acting as your Business Development team
    • • Compliment with the telemarketing

    [[First_Name]] So What is HYPER personalisation?

    Hyper Personalisation will allow you to reach your target audience in a more intimate way and make you stand out from the crowd.

    We will create personalisation at scale for you, [[First_Name]], [[Company_Name]]!

    We send LinkedIn and email campaigns with fully personalised images and gifs with the prospects name, image, logo etc to stand out from the crowd. This will catch their attention in a unique, tailored and personalised way.

    Representing your brand and tone of voice we can go from super quirky & fun to more serious – whatever you are comfortable with!

    Option: Telemarketing Campaign

    [[Company_Name]] could compliment this outreach with a telemarketing campaign.

    Outbound phone calls to get past the gatekeeper and straight to the decision maker / Executive PAs. Pitch, discuss then qualify resulting in your event attendance & leads. Our key USP is the quality of our Business Development Consultants – all with a minimum of 11 years B2B sales experience.

    Our experience gets you the results….

    Recommended: Up to 80+ calls per day

    Expected results targeting 1+ appointment per day worked

    Sending calendar invites to prospects and accessing your diaries directly to set appointments or calls.

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