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Telemarketing is an exciting yet challenging lead generation tool. Appointment setting and generating qualified leads is a fantastic skill and with perseverance and experience, it becomes a truly effective way to generate a healthy Return on Investment. Our article discusses how to get the best out of your b2b telemarketing efforts using the BANT framework. So, without further ado, here’s how to succeed in telemarketing.

How to Succeed  in Telemarketing: Budget how to succeed in telemarketing

People feel comfortable spending money when they are absolutely certain they will see an ROI, especially in times such as now. People often make the claim their company doesn’t hold an immediate need for your offering or has limited budget to spend on extras. This is where it is important to announce that this is not a sales call, the aim is to enlighten them of the value your offering could bring when they feel comfortable. The key to overcoming this objection is appointment setting. By offering a follow-up call you provide the opportunity to demonstrate value and increase your prospects’ knowledge on the benefits of your offering, allowing them to make an informed decision.


People buy from those they know, like and trust. By establishing a relationship and offering demonstrations to exhibit the value of your offering rather than diving into a sale you will begin to build trust. Ultimately, this will encourage lead generation. 

Competitors – you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. If a prospect isn’t with you it’s because they are with your competitor. This is your cue to demonstrate your USP and benefits. It is important, however, not to call out your competitors during this conversation as this makes your business seem negative and petty. Keep the conversation positive and your prospects are more likely to agree to an appointment. Linkedin can be a vital tool to remain on top of this side of things. Communication is key.


Your prospects are very busy people. This means they often don’t wish to be interrupted, leading many to develop an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” attitude. This is an opportunity. Now is your time, ask questions – why don’t you need it? etc. With this information, you will be able to grab your opening and deliver an effective elevator pitch. You can use your skills and experience to change their mind, resulting in lead generation. 

telemarketingHow to Succeed in Telemarketing: Timing

As previously mentioned, you’re targeting busy people, therefore, interruptions can seem overwhelming. Prospects can often be put off when they have other things on their to-do-list, keep that in mind. Remind your prospects this is merely an introduction and not a sales call. This will encourage them to agree to a follow-up call. You can increase your opportunities for lead generation by offering steps rather than sales, this will grow the trust and integrity prospects hold of your brand. 

You may find yourself encountering the response “call me next quarter” – don’t take this as an objection. Present your prospect with an immediate solution by offering a demonstration now. Remind them that this way they can decide if your offering will bring their business value, and if it doesn’t no one needs to spend time on a call next quarter. 

Conclusion: How to Succeed in Telemarketing

Prospects can offer many objections, therefore, it is important to be prepared for each. See objections as an opportunity rather than a set-back. By asking questions you will gain knowledge and increase your appointment setting and lead generation opportunities.

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