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There are various techniques that can be implemented by management in order to encourage sales staff to work more efficiently. Working hard is no longer widely regarded as the pathway to success in sales. Of course, working hard goes without saying, but working smart is far more important. Efficiently using time when in the workplace can see significant results in the long term, whereas simply working hard is not guaranteed to see the same quality of results.

There are numerous key techniques salespeople can use in order to make more efficient use of their time.

Use Calendar Tools

There are numerous tools which can help sales staff stay on top of their schedule on a daily basis. Various types of software such as Google Meets can allow staff to perform appointment setting amongst themselves without an unnecessary conversation over emails arranging a suitable time. Scheduling software now allows staff access to each other’s calendars to select a time where both staff members are free without unnecessary deliberation. This allows staff additional time on the phone to prospects, improving their efficiency in the workplace.

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Know Your Audience

One of the most crucial elements of ensuring you aren’t wasting time in sales is by realising quickly whether a client is likely to make a purchase or not. Spending time customising proposals to clients who never had any real intention of making a purchase is a complete waste of a salesman’s time. Qualifying a lead as soon as you possibly can is crucial to ensure that no time is wasted on prospects who aren’t genuine.

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Automated Email System

Starting from the beginning every time you write an email? You can introduce templates into your emailing system to ensure that only a few words would need changed instead. This can save you considerable time, while also allowing you to be incredibly consistent with all of your clients.

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Utilise Project Management Systems

Implementing the use of a project management system across your business can prove incredibly useful in the long term with regards to efficiency. There are so many aspects of a project management system that improve the way work is done by businesses. Sales staff being able to have easy access to various files relevant to their clients can save large amounts of time. In addition, it can help staff delegate tasks much easier and allow them to ensure they are working constructively within their teams and maximising the number of prospects they are contacting each day.

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Moving Prospects Along System

In order to have an efficient salesforce, it’s crucial that staff know the protocol which is involved prior to qualifying a lead and taking them more seriously and moving them on to conversations with in house specialists. Staff must have specific questions answered which determine whether or not the prospect is genuine before passing them through. This prevents specialists time being wasted engaging with prospects who were never going to actually buy the service your company provides.

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Embrace Technology

In order to work smart, it’s essential that businesses utilise all of the most relevant technologies which will help their workforce to provide a high-quality service. However, it is crucial that your company selects the correct software for their employee’s particular skillsets. Software being purchased which isn’t relevant to the service which clients are requesting can see considerable time and money wasted as staff will be forced to scramble to try and find alternative ways to meet their client’s demands.

These methods above can see significant improvements in efficiency within the workplace. More efficient systems help employees work smarter as they have more time to focus on dealing with their clients and ultimately growing those existing accounts. Which in turn, will result in the overall business prospering.


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