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Even during the current situation, getting past the gatekeeper can be a tricky task in B2B telemarketing, but not an impossible one. It takes determination.  And with the right approach and attitude, you will fly past, reaching your desired prospect. Our article highlights tips for five key areas to help you tackle the hurdle that is gatekeepers. 

The B2B Telemarketing Route

A gatekeeper’s job is to limit distractions their boss encounters and that includes preventing B2B telemarketers from reaching them directly, despite the purpose of your call. When a gatekeeper is proving difficult, use your B2B telemarketing skills and change the direction of your call. Ask to be transferred to another department. When you have reached this department ask this employee to pass you on to your desired contact. Unlike your gatekeeper, this employee’s role is not to screen calls and prevent you reaching your prospect, therefore, they are more likely to transfer your call, giving you the opportunity for lead generation. 

B2B Telemarketing Tone

Approach the call with an authoritative tone – note, ensure this is not perceived as aggressive. By adopting an assertive tone you show you are knowledgeable and your call is important enough to be forwarded on. Confidence brings success. 

b2b telemarketingTime

Timing could be the key. Try reaching your contact outside peak office hours. By calling early in the morning you are likely to catch your prospect before the hustle and bustle of the day eats up their schedule. Lunchtimes can also be convenient times to miss the gatekeeper during the day. By the end of the week, calling at the end of the day could be your chance – many offices finish up early on a Friday, often with decision-makers staying behind. This direct communication shows authority, encouraging stronger lead generation. 

Relationships in B2B Telemarketing

By approaching with the right attitude they will be more receptive to your call. Approaching the call with the right manner and showing interest and knowledge will build rapport. This relationship will encourage the gatekeeper to provide you with information such as prospect email address, the best time to reach out and if there are any other appropriate prospects to pursue. You will gain a stronger opportunity for lead generation after receiving this information.


Building rapport with the gatekeeper and learning their name will strengthen the relationship and their willingness to help you. In B2B telemarketing, a wealth of information regarding the company is also needed on hand for when you do make it past the gatekeeper. For a successful appointment setting, it is useful to know the most convenient time, the office location etc. This gives your prospect less to worry about. 

B2B Telemarketing: Conclusion

Getting past the gatekeeper is easy when you know-how. By approaching your call with confidence and understanding the gatekeeper has a job to do you can easily build rapport, encouraging them to forward you on. Show knowledge about the company but save your pitch for your prospect. By following our advice you increase your opportunity for lead generation.

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