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Why Email Marketing Should be Part of EVERY B2B Marketing Strategy

The digital world has become the main stage for communication, with people utilising a multitude of methods to stay connected. Brands are adopting an ‘always on’ approach and the landscape is more competitive than ever. Adopting email marketing into your B2B marketing strategy provides your brand with the opportunity to deliver personalised messages that hit key touchpoints. Where B2B telemarketing focuses on quality and pinpoints targeting, email marketing compliments this by reaching a wider audience quickly. 


Adopting email marketing presents many benefits for your brand. This is a budget-friendly method, proving cost-effective when done correctly – consequently, 73% of marketing professionals surveyed by Marketing Week believe it generates strong ROI. With wide reach, your brand can easily utilise email marketing to engage with new audiences. The potential this method offers permits your brand the opportunity to connect with large audiences and keep your stakeholders up-to-date at a fraction of your marketing budget.


Creating a strong and effective email marketing campaign involves planning and commitment. It’s vital you know your target audience. Be purposeful in identifying and researching them extensively – investigate their buyer journey, motivations, purchasing habits, content interests, preferred communications – PPC, B2B telemarketing etc. By identifying the pain points and wishlist of your target audience you increase the potential for your campaign to deliver more meaningful engagements – leading to qualified appointment setting and B2B sales. 


Our time at home and time spent accessing emails has increased, meanwhile, competition in many ways has decreased. As a result, we are currently seeing open rates well in excess of 50%, our b2b telemarketing and lead generation team are providing live feedback from campaigns that are in turn informing our email campaign strategies. By informing content strategies, your email marketing can drive interaction and consequently increase conversions in the shape of new business enquiries. Change in circumstances has increased prospects’ desire for personalised content, they want to know how your service can benefit their situation. Conveying how your brand can help, can result in substantial increases in lead generation. 

Providing a user-friendly experience is important to your campaign’s success. With engaging and interactive content you will encourage interaction from prospects, it is imperative the journey to their destination is smooth-sailing. Your prospects’ user-experience doesn’t end with your email campaign. An email spurring brand interest will lead your audience to actively seek further information, taking them to your social media accounts and website. This outcome means a strong online presence is essential for prospects to feel satisfied subsequently growing your sales pipeline. 


Email marketing presents your business with actionable opportunities to increase your brand awareness and encourage lead generation. Our business utilises email marketing as a platform to grow our brand recognition among a wide range of potential prospects. This initial connection encourages stronger responses to our B2B telemarketing campaigns as prospects are already familiar with our brand. Being budget-friendly and easy to monitor, we find adding email marketing to the beginning of our campaigns gathers stronger overall campaign results. 

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