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B2B telemarketing isn’t an easy job. You have to consider things from the perspective of the person you’re trying to call as well as do what’s best for you. While a script may work at times, more often than not it becomes more of a hindrance than a helpful tool.

Senior level decision makers know how things work and they will be able to spot if what you are saying is scripted. But that’s not all, here are some of the other reasons why you should ditch the script in B2B sales…

Why Ditch the Script in B2B Telemarketing?


  1. Scripted calls can sound very repetitive, and it can become evident to the prospect that the call is not specific to them, which is not the aim of your job. It can also become all the more difficult to carry on with a normal conversation when you’re using the script.  


  1. Building a relationship with a potential client makes a world of difference. People are looking for an authentic conversation. Prospects want to see that you’re interested in them and while a script may be cheaper in terms of training costs and the expenses of making a call, they may be costing you more in terms of losing potential clients.

3. There are also issues that may occur when using a script, such as questions that an interested buyer may have for the caller regarding a product. A question shows interest from the customers’ end but it may distract from the sales script and break the flow for the caller. This can be detrimental to sales, if they are unable to answer the questions with ease and continuewith the call.


4. Scripted calls can alienate the callers fromthe customers they’re speaking to, as well as the product that they’re pitching to them. A scripted conversation comes across as robotic and non-personal, which is something to be avoided entirely when it comes to sales.

Complete Dich or Partial Ditch?

Of course, there is still a structure that needs to be followed in sales calls. However, it is hugely important that calls are made more unique and personable when you’re calling someone who’s in a position to make decisions. After all, everyone wants to be treated as a person, rather than someone on a list.


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