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You might have B2B databases that you use to contact your leads and convert them to customers. But when was the last time you had a long, hard look at the data you use. Data cleansing is necessary for your telemarketing campaigns to be successful – you are only as good as your data!

The basis of a good telemarketing campaign is the data, because without updated and verified data, the leads you qualify for customers will have lower conversion rates. The quality of your input will determine the quality of output that you get from your telemarketing efforts.

1. ROI Matters with Any Marketing Efforts

With bespoke data creation, you spend money, time and energy to get the qualified leads you are after. It would be a huge disappointment if those leads end up not having a high rate of conversion. This is exactly what happens if you don’t do data cleansing for your B2B databases.

You are looking for a return on the investment. You need to get potential customers that need and want your services and are likely to buy them, if given a little nudge in the right direction. In order to avoid calls being wasted, you need to have a way to clean the data you have at your disposal.

But what’s the difference between good and bad data?

2. Know Good Vs. Bad Data

The B2B database has to have data that is consistent and checked regularly to comply with the law and the upcomingGeneral Data Protection Regulationdirective. Data cleansing involves cleaning and updating the data, meaning all the fields have to contain the latest names, job titles, roles and designations, phone numbers, email and physical company addresses as well as first call date and other important information. This needs to be checked for accuracy frequently.


When the data is incorrect, filled with inaccuracies or has missing information in some of the fields or data cleansing for updating the B2B database has just not taken place, that means the data is bad. Bad data will generally lead to unqualified leads, reducing the chance of conversion by your telemarketing team. This is why bespoke data creation is a great option, provided that the data is updated on a continual basis.

3.  How Can You Keep that Data Updated?

In truth, it can be very difficult to keep your data up to date. The only way is to ensure that you are regularly keeping up to date by is communicating with the database and continually checking through what you already have. And by communicating we mean calling, emailing and direct marketing techniques. This does take time, but you can use an external company for bespoke data creationand maintenance. Doing so will ensure that you stick to your day job and you only receive accurate up to date data, for maximum profitability!


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