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B2B Telemarketing Companies: 5 Ways to Complement Your Telesales Campaign

Even the most experienced B2B telemarketers struggle to get leads to convert. But if you’re concerned you won’t be hitting your lead targets, there are a number of ways that B2B telemarketing companies can complement their campaigns. We’ve covered email marketing quite extensively in our previous blogs, but what else is there? From social media, to blogs, to data- in today’s blog, we’re going to be breaking down some of the best ways you can strengthen your telemarketing campaign.

LinkedIn for B2B Telemarketing Companies

You most likely already have an account, but if you work in B2B marketing and you’re not on LinkedIn, we recommend changing that immediately. This means that if a lead appears to go cold, you can follow up on LinkedIn by requesting to connect with that person. You can also try to message them, and they’re far more likely to both recognise your name and trust that you’re legitimate if you have a large number of connections. This tends to greatly increase the chances that they’ll get back to you, and could even lead to a conversion. 

Another advantage of being on LinkedIn is that you can advertise to specific audiences. This will allow you to target decision makers at relevant companies, contacts that match those in your mailing list, contacts who have been on your website, and anyone who meets your selected criteria. This criteria can include a number of things: the size of their company, the industry they work in, their job title, skills, age, and years they’ve been working in their field. 

LinkedIn, much like other forms of digital marketing, is a great way to build your brand awareness.

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Post Regular Blogs

It’s vital that your blogs offer something of value to your prospects, and the same goes for all of your content, including social media posts. Don’t write a blog purely with the intention of selling; you don’t want to come across as pushy. Write a blog to educate your audience. The more they learn from your content, the more likely they’ll be to eventually convert.

You should also make sure you have a regular schedule when it comes to posting blogs. If you’re targeting the right keywords then, over time, your blogs will be climbing the search engine ranks. SEO can do wonders for brand awareness. If done correctly (and if given a bit of patience), many pages on your website could end up being the first thing people see when they Google certain keywords.

Prioritise Data

Analysing data is one of the most effective ways you can complement your lead generation campaigns. Whether it’s through your email marketing or your social media posts, there should be a lot of useful information as to how your audience is interacting with your content. But it’s all well and good having access to that data- it’s not doing much good if you’re not making use of it. Find out which call-to-actions are getting the most clicks, and which messaging seems to resonate most with your audience. This should give you a decent indication regarding the next steps of your campaign. 

Keep on Top of Your Social Media (B2B Telemarketing Companies)

It’s also vital to keep on top of your social media accounts. As well as being thoroughly active (and posting all those blogs we talked about), you should also be getting involved in whichever conversations are going on within your industry. Comment on people’s posts, repost other people’s posts; get active! 

Be Easy to Reach

This might seem like an obvious one (and it probably should be), but you need to make sure you’re as reachable as you possibly can be. Is your business email address and your work phone number easily accessible? It’s a lot harder to convert prospects if the prospects can’t even contact you. Don’t talk to a lead without ensuring they’ll be able to reach you again. And that means you specifically- not just your company in general. 

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