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One of the biggest challenges in B2B appointment setting is to get past the gatekeeper smoothly and straight to the client.

It gets difficult when a gatekeeper is under strict instructions not to pass anyone new through the system – that’s when having an experienced telemarketing team comes in handy. Here are X ways to help you make that happen…

1.   Build rapport (at the right time)

It is important to build up a rapport, but it is very difficult to do so in the first call with someone. It takes a lot of confidence and experience to have a good connection right off the bat. Outsourcing lead generationto a company that knows how to do this is one of the ways to tackle this. The professionals from the company know that it is not a good idea to start with developing a rapport from the get go. A friendly tone that engages the gatekeeper is important but being over friendly can give off the wrong impression.

2.   Let Them Know Why You Called?

Only give out clear and concise information. Your goal is to get through to the decision maker in the quickest and easiest way…Once the gatekeeper knows why you are calling, they will make the judgement call of whether or not your call is important enough to be put through. So be efficient and precise as to why you are contacting them.

3.   Handle Questions Thrown your Way

If you allow the gatekeeper the option to make a decision that the real decision maker can only make, you’re missing an opportunity to talk to the real decision maker. This could also bring around problems later down the line if the decision maker isn’t happy with it. So, confidence and assertion are key throughout the entire conversation.

Lead Generation Success

When it comes to the hard parts, not all telemarketers are the same. Some may outshine others where B2B appointment settingis concerned. And so, your sales call goals and targets are at stake here when clients are being contacted by a representative of your company. You need an experienced telemarketing team that will help you to get that appointment you’re after.


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