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When you work in a telemarketing company, especially for B2B lead generation, it may be part of your job to make sales calls.

When working in sales, the representative must have the appropriate mindset. One of the things that stops you from achieving true potential is the right attitude…

Just take the closing of a sales call, for example. Many sales people concentrate on the right kind of closing question for the end. With this in mind, they may lose out on the correct timing for asking that closing question. This is where the right timing and outlook come into play. When you ask for appointment setting, for example, it has more to do with when you ask rather than what.

1.    What is the Key to a Successful Close?

The key to getting a successful close is quite simply, to ask for it. It sounds obvious, but it is true. In B2B lead generation and appointment setting, you should ask for the close earlier in the call. If it doesn’t work, ask again after a little while. The key is persistence.

Closing doesn’t have to be at the end of the sales call, it can be at any point during the conversation, for B2B lead generation. It’s okay if the lead rejects you the first time- that’s a part of the process. The right time to ask for a close has to do with the frequency and not the time itself. Try to do the appointment setting often, as the right approach for telemarketing involves hoping for a yes from a lead and accepting the no if you get one. Again, persist!

2.    Hoping for a Yes

By hoping for a yes, the professional for B2B lead generation, asks the close with a tone of confidence and the body language to back it up. Positivity is key! If you’re after appointment setting, even if the lead doesn’t see you, they can get a negative or positive vibe from you.

So even if you are part of a telemarketing company working from behind a phone, you need to adopt the right body language, tone and a positive attitude in order to reflect upon and influence the lead.

3.    Accepting Nos: Don’t break the positivity

Putting in the work for a yes might seem difficult but accepting a no from a potential client can be even harder. Confidence levels can suffer such a blow from that all important, two-letter word, while mentally clarity goes out the window.

So when you accept a no, don’t let it break the positive “confidence and clarity” that you showed when you tried appointment setting first. An experienced telemarketer from a telemarketing company should always persist and stay on track even through tough no’s and accept it!

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