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Leads are an asset for your company, especially if you are outsourcing telemarketing to get them. But although making new leads is worthwhile, those leads need to be converted into customers.

And that takes nurturing…

1.    Where Do Leads Come from and Who Brings Them In?

Leads need time to grow and they require attention and care after they have been acquired. If you’re outsourcing telemarketing from a lead generation company, they might be working with leads that come in through trade shows, or through your website or direct mail. There are many ways to get leads, but it’s important that they are qualified and taken through the sales funnel to be of benefit to your company. Once they are qualified, you can assign them to your partners to work on. Keep working on them! Lead generation companies understand your company and work as one unit to develop and nurture your leads.

2.    How Do Telemarketers Make Nurturing Leads Worthwhile?

Professionals that are involved in B2B telemarketing know when the time is right to do follow up sales calls to nurture the leads. They change the sales process and make it more personal. They do not let the leads go cold!

This helps drive response rates for your leads and there is a higher chance to convert them to a customer. Outsourcing telemarketers from a lead generation company means you have educated and experienced professionals on board. They know how to determine when a lead is ready to buy and can also identify pain points and work around them.

Your company representatives are confident with nurtured leads that come from these professionals. When the field sales workers and partners know that the lead that has been transferred to them is qualified, they’ll be motivated to sell to them. This is because the lead has a greater potential to be closed, which makes their efforts more productive.

3.    Other Benefits of Telemarketers for Nurturing Leads

Following up with calls at a particular frequency, say, once a few weeks, allows the professionals from lead generation companies to keep leads warm. The leads will be more interested to learn further about the product or service if they know more about it. Professionals for B2B telemarketing can also help educate the leads to know about the product or service being offered.

So why use a professional service?

The professionals can present your product and services in the best possible light and try to evoke a response from them in the form of an appointment. Outsourcing telemarketers from reliable and reputable lead generation companies also use different channels (other than email and direct mail) to keep your existing leads interested. Your existing sales people may have a lot on their plate already to do this, so a dedicated team can make all of the difference.

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