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There have been surveys where people have asked salespeople what method they use in preparing a sales call. Many have responded with checking the LinkedIn profile of the contact and the company website to get a better idea of what the company is like…

There’s so much more that can be done to boost a salesperson’s chances to have success with their sales call.

1.   More Than Just a Quick Look at Their Website

Checking the website is important but what should you check for? The first page may list some important details about the company, but other tabs may be important as well. This includes their ‘about us’ section, which may contain background and history of their company. Other than this, they might have some current offers for their customers, which your product and service might help evaluate or make better. Do they have some certifications and awards to their name? These things might help you form the right questions to ask in a sales call.

Find out about their executives and if your company has something in common with their vision. The more you explore, the more opportunities you will find. What people say about their company could tell you a lot about them – if their customers are dissatisfied with them, your product or services may help them out.

2.   Check the Prospect’s Competitors

The customer’s competitors should also be kept into consideration for your sales call. Why are the customers of the company you’re calling opting for the competitors’ products or services? Can your product or service help better the target company’s performance or give them some sort of edge to bring them up? You can use this information to help make your sales call better.

3.   Google Them

Read through some of the available resources that can help you to shape your sales call better. LinkedIn is a good place to visit for researching on executives, and so is their website. You can find out about the awards secured by the company or the books that editors have written as well as their own experiences – it’s great to see what they have to offer before you get a hold of them.

4.   Google Yourself

The prospect will search for you on Google if they’re interested, so you should make sure you’ll be happy with what they find. Find out more about your own company to see what impression you give to the prospect from the information available on your company online.

It would take just 5 minutes of this self-research to increase your chances of getting the prospect to take things further instead of just letting it all slide.


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