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When To Use Appointment Setting

If your company is struggling to achieve the number of sales you would be expecting then appointment setting is a technique you should consider. Having a condensed pipeline for your business is essential in order for your company to achieve long term objectives. If there isn’t a list of prospective clients in the future for the company to anticipate receiving business from then this would suggest that appointment setting could benefit the long term strategy of your business significantly.

Lead generation and converting prospects are ultimately two of the most critical elements of a successful company. In order to have the best chance of converting the leads that your company generates an appointment setting culture throughout your firm is guaranteed to increase the number of conversions you achieve.

Creating appointments from leads will provide a much stronger foundation for your business which will ultimately allow your team to devote extra time to other elements of your marketing campaign.

appointment setting

Appointment Setting

What should be the key factors which lead to your business implementing an appointment setting structure? We have compiled a list below which highlights the most obvious issues which companies can identify themselves as having in order to appreciate the need for them to implement appointment setting into their business’ culture.

Spending Too Much Time On Leads

Having an appointment setting culture within a company is very important with regards to giving your business the best chance of closing deals. Setting appointments can be an excellent way of qualifying a lead and demonstrating that the client is genuine and has a serious interest in making a purchase from your company. Many leads will simply want to chat on the phone and conduct their own information search with regards to your companies pricing. If your team aims to get these leads to make a commitment with regards to setting an appointment, this would be an excellent way to identify time wasters which will help make your team more time-efficient as well. 

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Inaccurate & Unorganised Data

Using an efficient management tool for client relationships can be essential in order to ensure that your business maintains a high quality of client data. Regularly updating information about existing targets/clients is essential to provide your team with long term opportunities. Small details such as the name of a point of contact changing can be critical with regards to being able to achieve a sale further down the line.  

Mistakes such as declaring the wrong name can not only cost your company money, but is also wasting valuable time. Maintaining a high quality of data will make your firm more profitable while also ensuring your employees are as efficient as possible. 

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Lack Of Organisation

Do your employees lack an element of organisation? Appointment setting is an excellent way for companies to ensure their marketing and sales teams are working as efficiently as they possibly can be. It isn’t uncommon for staff to be pulled in various different directions throughout their day which can ultimately result in them neglecting some of their duties which would be expected of them by prospective clients. This can ultimately lead to the business failing to close out deals which they would have achieved with a little more organisation.

Having time dedicated to meetings with specific clients is crucial for businesses to be far more likely to provide a consistently high-quality initial impression to prospects. This will undoubtedly lead to more deals being closed which ultimately results in a more profitable business.

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Slow Results

Having a fast turnaround from the moment a lead is generated to when that lead is converted is guaranteed to be fundamental to a very successful business. Businesses with a lack of structure can seriously harm the likelihood of long term goals being achieved as so many quality leads will fail to convert as a result of them becoming impatient. 

Clear communication with leads can prove very important for businesses with regards to closing deals. Arranging an appointment which then leads to an in-depth chat regarding the value your business can provide is very likely to convert. Failing to commit to a meeting like this and leaving your prospect unaware of where they stand with your company is very likely to result in your business failing to close these types of prospects.

Hesitating Team

Similarly to the point listed above, if your team is hesitating with clients and don’t fully understand the process they should be going through this is a major issue from your business’ perspective. Ensuring that your team is fully educated on the processes and tools which should be used in order to efficiently deal with clients will increase your companies profitability.

Adopting new strategies within businesses can be a difficult process so it’s absolutely vital that your train your staff appropriately. Ensuring that your team is fully aware of what is required from them across the business with regards to new strategies is so important. 

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Unsure How To Measure Success

Measuring success throughout your business needs to be done in a clear and concise manner. Failing to do so clearly can lead to your business losing sight of long term goals which could result in serious financial issues occurring further down the line for your firm. An appointment setting structure allows your team to set clear targets for themselves which allows management to engage the current success of the company. Clear targets such as ‘10 appointments to be set this week’ provides a clear indication of success with regards to whether these are achieved or not. If these ten appointments then do not convert, it would indicate to the company that they need to readjust their strategy in order to become more successful. 


An appointment setting culture throughout an organisation will act as a solid foundation for your business to grow upon. There are many common issues that companies encounter on a daily basis which a strong structure could resolve. This is where appointment setting can prove incredibly useful in the long term.

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