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It needs attention, tenacity, and the correct approach/attitude to lead a B2B sales team to success. There are several techniques to becoming a successful leader; the leader, team, and sector all play a role in choosing which style is most efficient. In this blog, we’ll look at four different leadership styles and their benefits and drawbacks.

Autocratic Team Leader

Decision making alone or with a small number of strongly trusted persons is an autocratic approach. Consider a military commander who expects to be able to deliver orders and have them obeyed accurately.


  • Enables a single decision-maker to make difficult judgments.
  • B2B sales teams are less stressed since each day has a clearly planned strategy ahead of them, focusing attention on lead generation.


  • The leader determines the working atmosphere and culture.
  • B2B sales teams might grow reliant on their managers for direction and advice.

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Coaching Team Leader

Leaders that use a coaching approach become instructors. These executives are frequently seen motivating their B2B sales team to focus on their strengths while overcoming their limitations. Employees are encouraged by coaching leaders who provide ongoing assistance, teach new skills, and share expertise. Employees are motivated to achieve personal objectives and advance in their careers.


  •  Employee skill sets are developed, resulting in a better sales team and increased appointment setting.
  • Provides the company with a number of competitive advantages.


  • Not entirely efficient in terms of time.
  • Some experienced employees may be put off by this approach because they feel patronised.

Transformational Team Leader

This leadership style differs in that it uses an incentives and consequences method to motivate its B2B sales staff to succeed. Employees in this model have clearly defined duties and objectives to meet, for which they are accountable.


  • Creates a more concentrated, stronger team, which leads to improved lead production.
  • Employees are motivated by incentives to work more in order to attain their goals.


  • Consequences have the potential to depress morale.
  • Because it doesn’t encourage innovation, employees may find it difficult to be open-minded and think for themselves.

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Democratic Team Leader

A democratic leader works with their team, promoting development and supporting their people. Through collaboration with a cooperative leader, this leadership style encourages team members to contribute ideas and solutions. This approach makes your staff feel heard, helpful, and valued.


  • Encouragement of a positive attitude leads to increased lead generation and success.
  • Enabling B2B sales staff to feel at ease boosts their confidence and enhances the number of appointments they can make.


  • It might be difficult to distinguish between manager and employee.


Being a leader can be challenging, with many obstacles and challenges, but it can also be extremely rewarding when done well. As a result, selecting the ideal approach for the right team in order to achieve the best results is critical. Leadership style is frequently determined by the team and the organisation’s objectives. With so many contributing aspects, it’s critical to determine which technique will be most effective in generating leads, qualifying appointments, and sustaining success.


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