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Getting past the gatekeeper can be difficult, but not unachievable. It needs perseverance. And if you take the appropriate strategy and mindset, you’ll fly right by your target prospect. Our blog offers advice on five critical areas to assist you overcome the barrier of gatekeepers.


Learning the gatekeepers name and developing a rapport with them will increase your relationship and their desire to assist you. In B2B telemarketing, having a plethora of knowledge on the company on hand is also necessary for when you get past the gatekeeper. It’s helpful to know the most suitable time, the office location, and other details before making an appointment. Your prospect will be less concerned as a result of this.



They will be more responsive to your call if you contact them with the appropriate attitude. Conducting the call in a professional manner and demonstrating interest and knowledge will help to establish rapport. Because of this relationship, gatekeepers will be more likely to supply you with details such as the prospect’s email address, the best time to contact them, and whether there are any other suitable prospects to pursue. After getting a response, you will have a better chance of generating leads.


It’s possible that timing is everything. If possible, make out to your contact outside of business hours. You’re more likely to grab your prospect before the day’s stress chews up their calendar if you phone early in the morning. Lunchtime is another good time to avoid the gatekeeper during the day. By the end of the week, calling at the end of the day might be your best bet – many offices close early on Fridays, with decision-makers often remaining. This direct communication conveys authority, which encourages the production of more leads.

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Conduct the call with a commanding tone – but be careful not to come out as aggressive. By using a confident tone, you demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and that your call is significant enough to be forwarded. Confidence is the key to success.


A gatekeeper’s responsibility is to keep their boss from being distracted, which includes stopping B2B telemarketers from calling them directly, regardless of the call’s reason. Use your B2B telemarketing abilities to change the direction of your call when a gatekeeper is becoming challenging. Request to be moved to a different department. When you arrive at this department, request that an employee direct you to your chosen contact. This employee’s purpose, unlike your gatekeeper’s, is not to monitor calls and stop you from reaching your prospect; as a result, they are more willing to switch your call, providing you the opportunity to generate leads.


When you know how, getting past the gatekeeper is simple. You may easily create rapport with the gatekeeper by addressing your call with conviction and recognising that they have a job to do. This will encourage them to move you on. Demonstrate your understanding of the company, but reserve your pitch for your prospect. If you follow our suggestions, you’ll have a better chance of generating leads.


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