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Visual platforms are a highly effective way of learning for many people. According to a study by Forbes, 65% of people are classed as visual learners. This could be because watching a video is less time consuming than reading, and it is also more interactive, taking less effort to discover information in comparison with reading through text.  If visual content has been proven to be so effective for such a large amount of people, then we should definitely be using it for lead generation for our business as well.

Good Visual Marketing

Infographics and promotional videos are key in the marketing world. Combining them with the power of social media can produce results and increase audience reach hugely. While infographics do play an effective role in lead generation, videos can achieve much more.

A good product video should have the following qualities:

Informative and Inspirational

The video should not only educate the customer about the offered services but also inspire them to use those services.

Short and Simple

The video should never be too long or complex as the aim is to make the information easy for the customers to digest.

Interesting and different

The video should use fresh ideas to ensure that it stands out from its competition. It is important that the video is individual, as this will get people sharing it and increase awareness of the product.

Attracting Leads On Social Media Via Visual Marketing

Once you have come up with an excellent promotional video, the next step requires you to put it on a platform where it is accessible to the potential customers. Social media is the perfect place to do it. Here are the best ways to make sure that your visual marketing is effective on the social media:

Make them think

A good video must be able to make the potential customer think but it must also be true to your brand’s tone.

Be Informative

The content of your product video must be direct and informative. You must always be specific about the client’s needs since this what they will be interested in.

Be Interesting

Make the video content more engaging, innovative and interactive. Addressing the problem for which your product /service is a solution to is a great way to entice your client’s interest.

End with an interesting and catchy CTA

Always end your video content with an eye-catching call to action (CTA). However, make sure not to over use CTA, it should be short and concise to avoid becoming off putting to the customer.

Visual Marketing

Always remember that the main purpose of visual marketing is to convert your social media fans into effective leads for your business. So remember, the most important aspect of your product video is that it should be created to be aimed according to your target audience!

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