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4 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies

What is B2B Marketing? The answer is simple: B2B refers to business-to-business transactions, as opposed to business to customer transactions. B2B Marketing is how this type of company markets itself. This includes a business re-selling another business’ products. For example, a book distributor sells on the books which are provided to them by the publishers.

Just like any other business, B2B also requires efficient marketing for its success. Nowadays, the majority of businesses promote online. With the extreme popularity of e-commerce, various B2B lead generation techniques have surfaced and many of these have become reliable and efficient ways of marketing businesses.

The following B2B marketing strategies have proven extremely useful for lead generation:

1. B2B Marketing through E-mail

E-mail marketing is a marketing technique that has been around for a while. E-mail marketing is when automatic emails are sent out in bulk to target potential customers. Many companies have gained lots of business from using this technique. However, it is essential that the automated email is well written and personalised for the potential customer, in order to increase the chances that they open and respond. It should also be sent regularly (once a week) so that brand awareness builds. Do not expect instant results. Key thing is to monitor open and click rates and watch this increase in time. You will always get ‘unsubscribers’ so ensure you keep adding in more data to your list.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective and dynamic way of promoting a business. Generating blogs, videos and infographics about a business are great ways to share useful knowledge and create brand awareness. Additionally, it gives you a chance to bring news of your business to potential customers without making any direct contact with them. Experiment with ideas in order to have unique content and make your presence stand out. Mix it up with ‘serious’ work stuff and fun stuff that is light in nature and increases the chances of people sharing your content.

3.Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a very important tool for effective lead generation and B2B marketing. When done properly, it can bring around huge increases in revenue. However, making sure that your keywords come up on Google’s top search results is not an easy task. It requires hard work in many fields, such as content writing, social media, web designing etc. Use Google tools so see what people are typing in to Google to find the service or product that you offer. Experiment yourself to see what results appear using certain phrases. This will give you an insight into ensuring you are ‘findable’.

4. Social Media

Social Media platforms really help to raise brand awareness. If a company’s social media presence is strong, then it will be able to reach the appropriate target audience and in turn generate leads and revenue. The importance of social media marketing has grown enormously over the last ten years, and when used correctly it can be hugely effective. Whereas we are now being judged on the number of Likes on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, Connections on LinkedIn etc – quality of your audience is more important in the short, medium and long term.

These four strategies play a crucial role in successful B2B marketing. Being able to master social media marketing in particular, will get you quick results. Making use of all of these techniques will increase brand awareness and revenue results for your company. This mixed with telemarketing will ensure you drive more sales for your business.

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