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Boosting Your B2B Video Online

You may be interested to know that at The Lead Generation Company we recently produced some new online videos. The feedback has been great so far and our views are on the up. So we thought we’d share our experience of what we learned from producing content and getting it ‘out there’.

The importance of the quality of visual marketing cannot be denied, but what can’t be ignored is ensuring that the visual content is reaching the target audience. This is essential for effective lead generation for any business. When you have developed the concept for content to market your product, the next step is to find the right platforms to draw traffic to the content and in turn, draw traffic to the landing page.

Here, we have listed with four platforms, which will help you with effective lead generation for your business by bringing the potential customers to your product video.

  1. YouTube and Vimeo

Uploading your product video on YouTube and Vimeo is a must. Always optimize the video using a URL in its description. Also, do not forget to add a catchy title and an attention grabbing call to action as well. You can also put an overlay linking the video to a landing page. You can monitor the video’s popularity with its record of views to keep track of its growing popularity

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a very effective way to draw traffic to your content for effective lead generation. You can share the product video in status updates, or in groups specific to your target audience. Always add a catchy call to action, and look into using additional options of promotion, which are available on Facebook.

  1. Twitter

With Twitter, you can share your YouTube or Vimeo video link and add a link to your landing page as well. This is a good option as videos are displayed directly on the twitter site, meaning that there is no need for clicking through to another page.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great option for sharing your video. You can put it on your Company Page as well as via Status Updates from you and your colleagues. It builds brand awareness and provides your great content directly to your connections. You will be amazed how many views you will get.

Define a Strategy

Once that you are armed with an excellent product video, you should get sharing across all social media channels that are relevant for you. We have outlined the ones we believe are most effective for B2B / Business to Business. Use these platforms and monitor the viewers and comments on your posts. Once you know what your clients are looking for (with which posts are successful and which are not), it will be easier for you to target them in future and build an overall effective lead generation strategy for your business.

The Lead Generation Company

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Follow the tips we have mentioned here and you are sure to see your sales soar. To learn more about B2B sales, contact The Lead Generation Company at 0844 415 250