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Throwing Away The Script

For lots of telemarketing companies, providing a script to their employees used to be general practice. In recent years, it has become much less common. We do not like scripts, in fact we throw them away….

Lets take a look at why this practice has changed:

1. Scripts are not conversational

The key to being a good telemarketer is the ability for you to keep a conversation interesting. Unfortunately, when using a script, the conversation can seem very forced, and the potential customer can automatically switch off. When a customer is listening to a pitch that seems forced, they are unlikely to buy in to it, and lose interest quickly.

2. Your voice comes across as forced

Another key part of being successful  in telemarketing is engaging with customers and coming across as enthusiastic. The other person on the line needs to be assured that you believe in the product or service which you are selling, in order for them to open up to it themselves. With a script, you can sound false and robotic.

3. They have a bad reputation

When a potential customer recognises that a script is being used, they can automatically be put off. This is because it can give them the idea that they are one of many people being targeted, and therefore that they are less important. Customers should be made to feel special and having a scripted conversation doesn’t work well in this way.

The only time scripts are useful is when you’re starting out. Using a script as a guideline can be very beneficial for a new member of staff, as it contains key points and a suggested direction of the conversation. However, once this is established and before any calls are made – THROW IT AWAY! The crucial part is making sure that the conversation flows and is natural.  At The Lead Generation Company, we realise the importance of this, and encourage a natural flow of conversation. Visit our website for more information.

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