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5 Reasons Why Telemarketing is Still Essential for Sales

By July 21, 2016November 29th, 2022No Comments3 min read

Telemarketing still retains its position and effectiveness as a proven method to drive new sales and profits for a business.

Need convinced? Read on and we’re sure you will be!

Cost Effective

Telemarketing is one of the most economical sales and marketing strategies. Campaigns cost much less than other promotional or advertising campaigns and therefore the magnitude of risk involved in terms of the value of return on investment is much lower than other methods. Even compared with doing it in-house – the overall costs in terms of resource and time your business are still significantly better by outsourcing.

Immediate Insight

Telemarketing is one of the fastest sales and marketing methods that generate instant results. You get an immediate feedback response from your leads that helps you analyse the market trends, customer’s inclinations and behaviours and in the light of this information, you can mould and restructure your product or service attributes in a timely manner, and hold an edge over your competitors.

Brand Awareness

Telemarketing campaigns do not essentially have to be sales oriented. You can also use the method to promote a new product, an extension of your product line or about a new feature or attribute that you have introduced in your product or service portfolio. This way telemarketing campaigns can be an effective tool to directly inform your customer about what’s new at your end and remind them of your presence in the market.

Expands your Customer Base

Sales oriented telemarketing campaigns help create new sales opportunities for your business. Discovering who the decision maker is and then getting to pitch to them will generate new leads, appointments and sales. Telemarketing campaigns also create a personal level of communication between the client and your business. This then enhances the level of trust, makes business more personal and gets better results in the short, medium and long term.

Pipeline Building

“Build it and they will come”. If you build an effective sales pipeline of leads then in time the pipeline will turn into new business. You might find that you speak with a prospect but they are under contract for another 9 months. Well diarise this and call then back in 4 months, keep in touch with them during the interim time period. If you have a diary of callbacks then sales will happen each month. Remember the benefits of being patient and appreciating the long-term opportunities are just as important as the short-term ones.

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