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Hot Telemarketing Tips

If you’re a telemarketer, you’ll understand the importance of being organised and reaching targets. Being a telemarketer requires skill, and once you get the hang of it, you will see what a great effect the service can have on results. At The Lead Generation Company, we provide B2B services to in telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting and the provision of marketing databases.

So, if you are a telemarketer, what exactly is required from you in order to get the best results? Let’s explore some important tips that every telemarketer should know:

1. Be prepared

Firstly, it is essential that you fully understand the product, company or service that you are selling. Secondly, you need to tailer your call and pitch to the needs of your prospect. You will feel more confident on the phone if you are fully prepared. Make sure that you have all of the necessary details in front of you before calling, and take note of the key points that you want to get across. You should be ready to answer any relevant questions that are thrown at you. Tailor your pitch to the needs of the prospect.

2. Don’t dwell on your last call – move forward!

It can be tough when a call doesn’t go your way. However, the best thing to do is take a deep breath and move on to the next one. Note what goes well in your calls and what doesn’t. Then, you can use your experience to improve future calls, and get better results. Try to look at the next call as a fresh start. Remember, the more calls you make, the higher your chances are of making progress. You are only one call away from success!

3. Always be polite

Being patient and well mannered is extremely important when making  telemarketing calls. The people on the other end of the call are not likely to  help you if you are rude or abrupt. You will get much further if you are friendly  and cheerful. As a representative of your company, you are an example to  potential clients of what that company is like. It is very important that you  make a good impression – please and thank you goes a long way!

4. Take your breaks

One of the key things to do as a telemarketer is to stay focused. Sitting at your desk for too long can make you tired and distracted. You should always keep a bottle of water at your desk to stay hydrated. It is important that you take your allocated break time to give yourself a rest and ensure that you are on top form when you get back to work. Get fresh air, do some exercise and give your eyes a break from the screen.

You will get far in telemarketing if you learn from your experience and mistakes. Try writing down phrases which have been well received for future use. Remember, when you call people with a positive attitude, they are likely to listen to you and help you to get those all-important results. At The Lead Generation Company, we recruit the best people in order to get the best results. Click here to find out more.

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