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4 Tips: How to get past the gatekeeper

Getting past the gatekeeper is a crucial part of telemarketing. If the gatekeeper allows you to proceed to the next step, you’re being given an opportunity to achieve your goal. At The Lead Generation Company, we believe that understanding the customer is critical. Asking them questions to explore their needs, building rapport and speaking in a professional, non-aggressive manner produces healthy results. Visit our website for more information.

Here are 4 tips that will help you to get past the gatekeeper:

1.Take a different path

If the gatekeeper is going to screen your call, you should try to take a different path. The best way to do this is to ask to be transferred to another department. For example, if you ask to be transferred to the sales department and are passed through, you will be able to speak to a second person in the company, who has the power to pass you on to the desired contact. They may be more likely to pass you on because, unlike the gatekeeper, their job isn’t to screen calls.

2. Use an authoritative tone

If you come across as authoritative when making a call, you are much more likely to be passed through. The gatekeeper will be more willing to pass you on if it sounds like you are a serious professional who has an important call to be made with the person in question. It is a technique that requires confidence, but it can work wonders to get you through the gate.

3. Try at different times of day

 This is an obvious but simple technique that many  telemarketers can overlook. Try calling at different times so  that you might not get the same gatekeeper, or not get the  gatekeeper at all. You can start early or try late. For example,  call at noon, and then try after 5:00pm – you  will be surprised with the result.

4. Ask the gatekeeper questions

Remember that the gatekeeper can be a great help to you, even if they don’t pass you through. You should make the most of their knowledge. If they do not seem willing to pass you on, you could ask them if there is anyone else you should be contacting, if there is a better time to speak to the contact, or for a contact email address. Get them onside!

Make use of these four tips to increase your chances of getting past any gatekeeper – the first step to achieving your objective. The Lead Generation Company aims to be the preferred choice of clients for Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services in the UK by providing a professional, tailored service for each client with excellent Return On Investment from each campaign. Visit our website for more information.

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