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Have you ever had to make a call and follow a script? If you have then you’ll know how difficult it can be to sound natural and inject your own personality into the call.

A typical, monotone, scripted voice that sounds as if it is coming more from a machine than human source is the general perception about telemarketing and sales calls, and to be honest, is equally disliked not by the customers but, by the call making sale persons too. The typical and conventional industry practices make sales call sound more professional (which it should be),  to the point and do not allow much room for creativity. And to make it worse, around 90% calls are made following pre-crafted script that’s usually never revised. Rather than training telemarketing teams on how to make the best call, they are trained on how to make the best scripted call. We all know this method has not actually brought a significant wonder to the industry following this practice, so you might as well consume your creative cells and try to give a brand new image to the typical sales and marketing calls.

Initiate as a Conversation – Not as a Programmed Pitch!

You can’t deny that it’s easy to tell when a sales call is scripted. There’s nothing worse than making a bad first impression that sounds salesy right from the start. If you initiate the call more like a regular conversation that is professionally confined do not go too casual.  The minute you hear hello from the other side of the line do not  jump directly to your proposed sales offer.

Make it Interactive – You’re Not a Robot!

Sales peoples are trained for scripted calls that only let the sales person speak in a machine like tone and mostly end up with the customer hanging the phone. A scripted call is the reason a sales person wince and jump off their seat the moment they hear the customer actually responding or trying to interact. They are only trained to deliver the message and therefore, do not know how to bring life to the call through an effective two-way communication. Go for interactive, open ended calls to make the lead feel that he’s talking to a human and would create an environment that could turn out to be profitable for both.

Script is gone – Prepare Well!

Since you are no longer shielded behind script, you need to get armored with excellent preparation. Know about your organization, about the industry, the business offer you are going to make, and most importantly, the value and benefits it would bring to the customer. With this information on your fingertips, you would better handle all questions and queries in an effective and befitting way.

Whatever the Result – End on a Cheerful Note!

By the end of the call, you would know if it was a hit or miss. Whatever the result, keep your voice cheerful and speak with gravity. Do not sound over excited in case of success, or too gloomy in case of a fail.

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