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In recent years, marketing and lead generation techniques have been changing rapidly. In order to keep you well informed on new lead generation strategies and to help ensure your success, we have summarised some different aspects of lead generation:

1. Capturing Leads

The first thing to consider when coming up with any lead generation plan, is to make sure that site visitors and potential leads are strongly encouraged to leave their information with you. This is often done by asking for the visitor’s email address, requesting them to sign up in order to proceed to the next page, or even just an option to join the mailing list for your company’s newsletter.

2. Lead Magnets

Leads can also be generated by making use of promotions and offering some sort of reward to the prospect in return of their information, like a discount voucher, some good content or a competition with a prize. Lead magnets are offers which aim to entice leads into entering their information. Making use of this technique can be an excellent way to encourage potential customers to input information as both parties feel they are gaining something from the information exchange.

3. Techniques for Landing Page Conversion

Another great way to convert leads into customers is through well optimised landing pages. Making sure your landing page is well set out takes time and effort, but it is worth the effort. Landing pages are so important because leads are directed to that page every time they visit the site or click on an advertisement from another page. There should always be more than one opportunity for visitors to enter their information on the page. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you!

4. Score Your Leads

Marketing software can organise potential leads according to their level of interest in your business. This can help you to figure out the likelihood of particular individuals turning into buyers. It also helps you to identify what the buyers are interested in. There are various ways to score your leads. Here is an example of a simple scheme for scoring leads:

  • Download an ebook – Add 5 points
  • Unsubscribe from a list – Deduct 7 points
  • Watch a product overview video – Add 7 points
  • Fill out opt-in form – Add 7 points
  • Job role not a good match – Deduct 10 points

Successful Lead Generation Strategies

By using the above techniques, you can increase lead generation and in turn increase conversion of leads to customers, gaining profit for the business. Remember to take time with the landing page and forms that potential customers are going to fill out. As long as they are easy to follow, look nice, and are quick to fill out, you will increase your chances of capturing that all important information.

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