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4 Must-Do Next Steps After a Completed Sales Call

You’ve completed your sales call with the consistent concentration and determination that was required from you. After all that hard work, it’s not uncommon to feel spent when you’re done. Here’s what you can do at the end of the call so that you can continue to deliver…

1.   Learn from the Experience

Experience is like publicity, in the sense that the saying is the same: just as there’s no bad publicity, there’s no bad experience. All experience is good. That awful sales call that fell apart at the end is just one hurdle and a lesson is hidden in it, that needs to be learnt from. It’s all a process of developing your skills as a telemarketer and a salesperson.

As long as you note down the good and the bad that came from the call, you’re on your way to growing and improving. The next time you attempt a sales call, have a new set of things at the ready to try out, avoiding the past ones that didn’t work. That’s how you’ll get around to developing a solid sales strategy for calls.

2.   Log the Call

Things stay in the short-term memory, stay for a very short period of time and fade away if not noted down. For a sales call, it is important to get into a habit of logging down the important points. Note down your observations when you are talking to the client. Make a note of their concerns, which business were they a part of, their position and their receptiveness and attitude to your final pitch.

These are important aspects of a follow up and they allow you to change your approach if necessary. Note down things such as why you think it’s a viable lead, how the call could be made better, does the client want to proceed to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Also note down when you have to follow up with them and what will you talk to them about in the next call. This will help you focus more on the important aspects of the call and try to win the customers that matter most in an effective way when the time comes!

3.   Follow Up

Check with your team to resolve any pending issues that the client may have, so that you will have answers for the client’s queries at the ready before calling them up to follow up. Your sales call image will be in their mind for the time being but don’t let it fade, so be sure to call with updates if waiting on a solid answer.

4.   Recuperate

Telemarketing is not easy. Putting your passion into one sales call can mentally drain you, so it can be a good idea to take a rest and have a breather after you’ve made the notes and jotted your concerns following a call. Taking a coffee or tea break can help you refocus before you move on to the next call.

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