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A focus on B2B databases means that all of the data fields needed to be filled out with complete and accurate information about customers and prospects. Let’s take a look at what that means when you want to get that little bit extra from your databases…

The Needs of the Hour

There is a great focus on having integration of data across marketing and sales channels. This is because of the need to give the customers a seamless experience rather than just handing the product over to them. There is also a need of taking advantage of automated processes for B2B databaseentry. It’s crucial to use analytics to make close to correct predictions and assumptions about leads and prospects.

With today’s technology, data entry requires little to no input!

Therefore, the quality and correctness of data has increased in importance for a business. This is because your leads want personalisation of experience, even if they don’t say they do.

High Quality Data and Better Directed Campaigns

It’s important that your B2B database is full of accurate information. If you have incorrect information, it results in misdirected campaigns and the loss of potential customers. With high quality and accurate data, you can determine how valuable leads actually are for your company.

How To Get More from Your B2B Database…

1.   Data Worth Recording

Keep the most important fields of data that are important to different departments in your company to make sure you have a concise database that has just the right amount of correct and high-quality data of your B2B customers and leads. 

2.   Make Fields More Useable

Try using drop down lists which mean that duplication and redundancies are removed and you have consistency across the whole database.

3.   Simpler Fields

Simplify your fields and clean up your data. Better yet, assign department personnel that are most involved with data to keep the information they use up to date. Out of date information with redundancies can be detrimental to your performance as a company – simplify and get rid of it.

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